Assassin’s Creed Unity Heists Guide

AC Unity Heists walkthrough to help you complete all heists with maximum rewards. Read to learn how to do them all.

In AC Unity, Heists are another type of co-op mission with a fairly simple task. Steal the contents of a chest located in a restricted area without being spotted or dying. Each heist also contains a bonus reward, which is reduced if one player in the team is spotted. Furthermore, any player dying during a heist cannot respawn.

These missions are highly randomized regarding enemies, chests, and access points. If your eyes are set on the highest price, you may want to jump in with a decent team.

Tithing Templars

Rewards: 250 F, 500 F bonus pool

For this heist, don’t go straight through the graveyard ahead and take the path leading to the sewers below. Deal with the two guards standing near the boat in the sewer using any ranged weapon and go through the gate.

Once inside, use Eagle Vision to identify Extremists patrolling the area. Without messing with any stationary guard in the first junction, move towards the next part of the tunnel.

The locations of Extremists may vary after the second junction. Keep dropping enemies while heading towards the chest. Leave the area after looting to complete the mission.

Catacomb Raider

Rewards: 1,000 F, 2,000 F bonus pool

There are different entrances to the underground area, each with different challenges. Your task is to get to the underground level by hook or by crook.

Once you’re in the underground area, use Eagle Vision to identify enemies, head towards the waypoint, and loot the chest before leaving the area to complete this mission.

The Party Palace

Rewards: 5,000 F, 10,000 F bonus pool

Your task in this AC Unity Heists mission is to head inside the Palais Royal using open windows or other entry points and retrieve the goodies within the chest.

Once you’re inside, progress toward the waypoint while capturing and dropping enemies. Avoid dropping a body in the open to avoid getting caught.

Once located and looted the chest, leave the Palais Royal in the same way you broke in.


Sometimes, you’ll encounter an enemy guarding an open window. In this situation, hold R2/RT and press Square/X for a much better assassination.

Furthermore, you won’t come across any open windows or doors. In this situation, the northern edge of the rooftops is your best bet to get an overview of the area.

Royals, Guns, and Money

Rewards: 5,000 F, 10,000 F bonus pool

The restricted area in this mission contains three chests: one in the central courtyard and two inside the adjacent buildings. You don’t have to loot all of them, as only one contains the loot you require.

There are no exterior entry points in this area, and you must enter from adjacent rooftops. Since the locations of enemies are highly randomized, no entry point is better than the other.

Note: The chest containing the loot is also randomized during different playthroughs.

It’s better to check chests located in the buildings using open windows or doors before the ones located in the central courtyard, as enemies from all directions overlook it.

Smuggler’s Paradise

Rewards: 5,000 F, 10,000 F bonus pool

This AC Unity Heists mission also requires you to search three chests with fixed locations until you’ve found the right one. it’s quite difficult from the previous mission.

Similar to the previous mission, it’s better to save the chest in the heart of the area for the last as you might obtain your desired content in the first two chests, which you can reach by taking advantage of Poison Bombs and Disguise. The locations of enemies in these areas vary from session to session, so I cannot provide a fixed strategy.

If you need to head towards the chest in the central area, sneak in while assassinating the marksmen and clearing out the rest of the area. You can use Berserker Blades on tougher foes or utilize Poison Gas Bombs.

Ancient History

Rewards: 25,000 F, 45,000 F bonus pool

If you thought ‘Royals, Guns, and Money’ and ‘The Smuggler’s Paradise’ were difficult, wait until you play this mission. In this mission, you open four chests, one of which contains the desired loot.

Furthermore, entry points and enemy locations are highly randomized, making providing a specific strategy difficult.

The entry points to the buildings containing Chest #1, Chest #2, and Chest #3 are highly randomized and guarded by enemies. The last chest is located in an open area, but it is also guarded by many enemies and sentries overlooking the area.

It Belongs in a Museum

Rewards: 25,000 F, 45,000 F bonus pool

In this mission, you need to steal four different pieces of art, only one of which is original. Just like in the previous mission, the entry points and the locations of enemies are highly randomized.

To complicate things even more, the locations of each frame also change from session to session. Therefore, we cannot recommend a solid strategy that will work 100 percent of the time.

Since the building in which the pieces of artwork are located is large, completing the mission with three people will foster the search process.

To reach the waypoints, you’ll most likely encounter some open windows or doors near the sides of Palais du Luxembourg.

Holy High Rollers

This is one easy heist added as part of a DLC. Your task is to loot the money from the crate placed in a partially open area guarded by many guards. To complete this heist, you must just play stealth without getting caught.

You can complete the heist by reaching the rooftop and locating the chest. After locating it, head your way down towards the chest while taking down the enemies without making much noise.

Once you looted the money, leave the area like you reached to complete the heist.

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