Chivalry 2 Tips and Tricks for Victory

Chivalry 2 rewards players that take the time out to master the fundamental mechanics of the game. In this Chivalry 2 Tips guide, we’ll be showing you tidbits that you absolutely need to know to gain mastery of the game.

Chivalry 2 Tips and Tricks

Chivalry 2 introduces what it knows best; medieval combat. Considering the hand-to-hand combat in Chivalry 2 is pretty complex in and of itself, it would definitely help if you could get a head-start with a few Chivalry 2 Tips from our guide.

Chivalry 2 Tips for Beginners

We’ve compiled a few Chivalry 2 Tips down below for you to see for yourself. These are extremely basic mechanics of the game that you might be ignoring otherwise during your playthroughs.

  • One essential tip would be about the consumption of food. If you happen to find a food item, use the battlecry key to eat it and replenish your lost health.
  • While facing attacks from multiple enemies, block an attack and then quickly attack to generate a riposte that will defend you from all the enemy attacks.
  • In order to defend yourself, one useful tip would be to dodge a normal swing by crouching and looking down if the swing is not too low.
  • You can inflict combo attacks with your Bow/Crossbow, do this by wheeling your mouse up or down.
  • In order to limit friendly fire, use overheads and stabs in teamfights.
  • One smart move is to use battle environment to your advantage. For example, if you locate a chandelier hanging from the ceiling, you can aim at it and make it fall over your enemies to kill them once and for all.
  • If you run out of bandages you can refill them at the ammo box.
  • Make sure that you finish off your enemies before they get revived, they can punch you twice and revive themselves. It is also important that you destroy enemy banners; they can heal the enemy team once close to them.

Fundamentals for Combat

Combat in Chivalry 2 is all about knowing when to land a hit, and knowing when to press the Right Mouse Button to parry an incoming attack. Having the right combination of offense and defense will ensure victory for you in most one-on-one battles.

However, if you happen to mistime even one parry, and/or end up losing all of your stamina, you’re going to have a tough time coming out on top.

If you feel like your opponent might be getting a little too decent with their parries. You might want to utilize the rather inconvenient and rude kick to the face to break their defense. Once they’re off-balance, you can unleash a flurry of hits to bring them down.

Chivalry is not just about offense, but you need to have an A-game regarding your defense as well. However, before you invest all of your energy into parrying, remember if parrying drains your enemy’s stamina, it’ll drain yours as well. Once all of your stamina is depleted, you’ll find yourself running around the battlefield without a weapon.

An opponent’s move can also be countered by copying his exact attack type which could be either slash, stab, or an overhead attack. Other than that, you can move back, left, right, and duck to dodge an attack.

Once you’re done mastering individual moves, you can then start landing combos. The trick to landing a combo is that you initiate your next move before your first move is finished. You can also charge towards your opponent and attack him with what is known as the sprint attack.

Try out Free-For-All
It’s important that you try out the Free-For-All gamemode before you go for any objective-oriented gamemode. Free-For-All let’s you hone your one-on-one skills with different enemies. Keep fighting to refine the art of the sword, and once you’ve got the hang of it, go ahead and conquer battlefields with the edge of your blade!

Know your Enemy
There are a total of four classes in the game; Archer, Vanguard, Footman, and Knight. These classes have further subclasses which provide specializations for players to try.

Each class is identified by its unique fighting style and place in battle. Classes and subclasses have a special ability that can offer crucial help in battle such as the horn or banner that gives you the healing ability that heals everyone on the team near you.

It is vital to know your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. Many Chivalry weapons inflict a high amount of damage against enemies.

For example, the Vanguard Dane Axe causes up to 30% increased damage on Knights and 21% on Footmen. You can utilize these weapons to your advantage even better if you can identify every Chivalry 2 class.

The best way to identify enemies in Chivalry 2 is by examining their weapons. A two-handed weapon is usually used by Vanguard or a Knight. If they’re wearing heavy armor then they’re most likely a Knight. If they are using a polearm then they are a Footman.

Positioning is Key
Fights in Chivalry 2 can get crowded. While this allows you to score the maximum number of kills, it can be a bit dangerous as well. You can corner and distract your enemies to defeat them but there are high chances of this happening to you as well.

You can only dodge and counter the moves from the enemies that are in front of you. If you let them encircle you, they’ll be attacking from all sides. Try staying at one end of the battle. However, you can use this strategy to your advantage as well. If you see a foe distracted and away from his team, surround him along with your teammates and finish him off.

Positioning is key, so make sure you’re in the most advantageous spot for the battle to be in your favor.

Avoid Team-Killing, Watch your Blade
Sometimes during the battle, you can end up hitting your teammates and friends unintentionally. You should avoid this mistake at all costs as it can punish you and points will also be excluded from your score. While fighting shoulder to shoulder with your enemies, avoid slashing at all costs.

Aim, Set and Throw!
Throwing is a major part of Chivalry 2 combat. You can push G to throw weapons or items. This is an effective strategy while dealing with enemies who try to run away from you. You can also throw items at vulnerable players from a distance.

The footman subclass has some interesting items such as javelins and throwing axes as primary weapons that you can throw. If your stars don’t align, then try being a nine-year-old and start throwing any throwable that you can find.

You can throw knives, oil pots, and even your primary and secondary weapons. Once you’ve thrown a tantrum and have nothing left on you, start picking up weapons from the ground and start throwing them as well.

It’s Alright to Throw your Weapon in Chivalry 2
You can block attacks but remember that it can cost you your stamina. Once your stamina is depleted it can make you lose your weapon and leave you defenseless. Luckily, once your weapon is lost, you can pick it up from defeated players.

You can use anything as a weapon in the fight. Barrels and stones can also be used as weapons once thrown, fire ballista weapons can also be picked up and even the fallen limbs of players can be used as weapons.

Teamwork makes the Dream Work
In free-for-all matches where it’s every player for themselves, you can proceed while acting as an unstoppable killing machine. On the other hand, most matches are team efforts.

Sometimes, it is necessary to complete a stage in a battle objective rather than having a great kill-to-death ratio to win. In other words, sometimes sacrifices are required for the greater good of the team.

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