Will PlayStation 5 Support Smart Delivery System Like Xbox?

One of the hottest topics in the video game industry right now is the release of next-gen consoles. Along with the “when” fans want to know what their launch will mean for existing games too. Microsoft has already announced they’ll be adding a Smart Delivery system to Xbox Series X, making Xbox One games playable on the upcoming consoles. Is Sony Interactive Entertainment open to doing the same? Will PlayStation 5 include Smart Delivery too?

Up until now, there’s not even a hint about Playstation 5 releasing with a Smart Delivery system. Over the past months, sources pointed to the console, not including such a feature. Most claim to have credible insider sources, making the leaks even more questionable. The most recent one is Double Barrel Gaming on Youtube, claiming that a reliable source close to Sony confirmed that there will be no Smart Delivery on Playstation 5.

He goes on by saying that Microsoft uses a “software-based solution for its backward compatibility feature while Sony uses a hardware-based one”. As a result, Sony struggles in making PS4 games playable on Playstation 5. In all honesty, this version of the story seems possible.

On the other hand, leaker IronmanPS5 has taken to Twitter to “announce” that several Playstation 4 games will be playable on the new console. He specifically noted that Marvel’s Avengers will release on both PS4 and 5 without having to buy the game. Whoever is right about Smart Delivery on Playstation 5 though, remains to be seen. For the time being, everything is considered a rumor and you should take it with a grain of salt.

So what is the most possible scenario? Knowing Sony’s past with generation changes and major releases, we’d believe that the scale weights on the “no Smart Delivery” side. Games like The Last of Us, God of War 3, and Beyond: Two Souls have proven extremely popular on PS3 and 4 and created massive revenue for the company. It wouldn’t surprise us if history repeated itself.

However, Sony could take the higher road and follow Microsoft in making the next generation a universal hub for Playstation games. It looks like a short straw, especially if Double Barrel’s claims become true.

It won’t be long before we know for sure where Sony stands when it comes to Playstation 5 “Smart Delivery”. The reveal event for the upcoming console will most likely happen sometime in the next weeks so we can only wait and hope for the best.