PlayStation 5 Will Be Backwards Compatible With PS4 Discs

There will be two different PlayStation 5 models to choose from at launch where one of them, dubbed as the digital edition, will forego a disc drive. Those who go with the standard edition though, which features a 4K Blu-ray drive, will be able to run all of their old PlayStation 4 discs without any issues.

Speaking with CNET in a recent interview, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan stated that PlayStation 5 was designed to be able to play PlayStation 4 games. In terms of physical backwards compatibility, the standard edition of PlayStation 5—disc version—will detect and read all PlayStation 4 discs.

We said that the PS5 has been designed to play PS4 games. The disc version [PlayStation 5] will also obviously offer backwards compatibility with those old discs [PlayStation 4] too.

Ryan also confirmed that Sony continues to work with numerous publishers and developers to digitally bring their games over to PlayStation 5 through backwards compatibility. He refrained from mentioning a specific number of confirmed games at launch but did express happiness over the progress made so far.

We’re going through the process with the publishers and developers testing that rather exhaustive library of over 4,000 games. We’re happy with the progress that’s been made.

With or without a disc drive, PlayStation 5 will run most PlayStation 4 games either physically or digitally. Due to the similar architecture of both generations, such was expected since the start. However, official confirmations are always welcomes and necessary to do away with any lingering concerns.

Both PlayStation 5 variants will launch worldwide during the holiday season at the end of the year. Sony is not ready to discuss pricing, at least not yet. The digital edition will obviously be a bit more affordable than the standard edition. Safely assume a lower price tag by $50 since Microsoft did a similar pricing with the Xbox One S all-digital edition last year.

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