Sony CEO Explains Why PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Exists

Sony Interactive Entertainment finally unveiled the console design of PlayStation 5 earlier today, or designs for that matter. There will be not one but two different models to choose from at launch just as previous reports dictated.

Besides the standard edition, Sony will be launching a PlayStation 5 digital edition that forgoes the physical disc drive. The console manufacturer has not confirmed any other differences such as weaker hardware components at the time of writing. Without the physical disc drive, the digital model will be sold at a more affordable price compared to the standard PlayStation 5 model. While Sony is not discussing the pricing right now, the company is willing to explain just why there was a need to release a digital model.

Speaking with BBC in a recent interview, Sony CEO Jim Ryan stated that there are a number of PlayStation users who have been solely purchasing games digitally. The PlayStation 5 digital edition is exactly for users such as these.

Many of our consumers are purchasing solely digitally these days. We thought that we would do what we typically try and do, and just offer choice.

The cost of PlayStation 5 at launch has been theorized and speculated to be as low as $400 and as high as $600. Every analyst and critic has given their own opinion on the matter. There have even been reports that a single PlayStation 5 unit may cost $450 to produce (via GamesIndustry) and hence, Sony may look towards something between $500 and $550.

Taking the middle path with a $500 threshold, a PlayStation 5 digital edition may possibly be slashed down by $50 minimum since Microsoft did a similar pricing with the Xbox One S all-digital edition last year.

PlayStation 5 is slated for an official launch worldwide during the holiday season at the end of the year. That includes both the standard and digital editions. Expect Sony to start talking cost in the coming months.

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