Escape From Tarkov Patch Is Out, Minor Bug Fixes

A brand new update went live for Escape From Tarkov on PC. With Escape From Tarkov Patch, you will find that this is quite a small update, as there are only two confirmed patch notes. The developers at Battlestate Games fixed the limitations of view in the thermal imaging scopes, and they also fixed various important bugs that could affect the performance of the game and freezes.

Escape From Tarkov is a first-person multiplayer war action video game that takes you to the abandoned city of Tarkov, in Russia, in a fight between factions, local guerrillas and other enemies. Realism, survival, and action go hand in hand in a game with a political and military background.

In this game you have to worry about real situations in life and death battles in a gigantic environment, such as hydrating, getting tired, taking care of your health and, above all, keeping an eye on a limited inventory that you will lose entirely if you die. Below you will see the complete list of all Escape From Tarkov Patch patch notes.

  • Limitations of view in the thermal imaging scopes.
  • Various bugs that could affect the performance of the game and freezes.

Recently, the devs released another important update for the game. With Escape From Tarkov Hotfix, you will find that the developers fixed a game crash and freezes when opening the message system; fixed Error 228 when using the quick treatment system; artifact in the scope of the AGS grenade launcher; and in Post FX settings, the brightness effect range is reduced by half.

I remind you that Battlestate Games’ Escape From Tarkov was released as a closed alpha title on August 4, 2016 and as a closed beta in July 2017.