How to Make Money in Escape From Tarkov

Learn the secret to becoming rich and buying the best gear in Escape From Tarkov with our tips on how to make easy money in the game

This guide will help you with making money in Tarkov. The guide lists all the things that you need to perform, alongside those that you should not perform, in order to make money in Escape From Tarkov and get rich in no time.

How to Make Money in Escape from Tarkov

There are a few things that you need to know if you’re looking to make more money in EFT.

For starters, you should sell to the Therapist initially. This is because she will offer you the best prices for items that don’t relate to weaponry. This includes food, water, meds, mechanical items, dog tags and technical items.

Afterwards, you should try selling to Skier since he’ll pay the second-best prices. He does not buy whole-guns, but you can go ahead and dissemble the weapon and then sell it in parts.

If he doesn’t buy something, you should sell that off to Prapor, since you’ll have to level him up for early quests as well.

Do Not Focus On PvP/PvE Combat
You should definitely not focus on PvP/PvE combat as your primary source for making some money, because if you do, you may end up losing a lot of money.

This is because if you’re an exceptional player, your odds for survival lie around 40%. This is probably still a loss for you if you run in geared each time.

Key Spawns
If you’ve learnt about the routes and you know where the expensive or key spawns may lie, you’ll be able to make a lot of money.

If you’re near somewhere where there lies a possibility of a key spawn to appear, you should totally go check it out. Always have positive expectations towards finding a key spawn at places.

Know Your Map
Well, you should start with a single map and work your way through it; understanding all of the map’s routes and mastering them by running through them over and over again.

Learning the maps will also allow you to know the map layout, scav spawns/behaviors, even dangerous areas and item spawns.

All of this information will allow you to be better in your game, and have an edge over your opponents, which will eventually lead to favorable outcomes for you, allowing you to scav for money.

Gamma Container
You can also get a Gamma Container these or something similar, and stack expensive items in it. This means that you’ll have to be aware of the market, because once you do, you will be able to produce some profit out of it eventually.

You can try and knock scavs for their gear and go with that for the rest of your route for more money and sell it once you’re done.

Though if you don’t have the container, you may invest in something like a backpack, or something like an SMG with may allow you to score some headshots.

Utilize Your Scav
You shouldn’t be greedy when it comes to this, and if you know that you can get away with some gear, you should.

Keep alternating pistol/scav and keep interchanging while you grab as much as loose stuff as you can since people usually leave all the “stupid” items.

Have Patience
The most important thing of all, which we gamers usually do not possess, is patience. You can eventually grind and make a lot of money in an hour, making sure that you remain patient since you won’t win every time.

You should keep looting the dead bodies and grab the less-significant gear even i.e. hats.

Hit the Flea Market Frequently
If you’re of a higher level, you may also get your stuff from a level 4 mechanic or skier and then resell it on the flea market. Go ahead and sell everything that you find over here.

In Shoreline, you can head of to the Resort or go towards the extract, getting all of the Military Crates and Scav Spawns.

In Interchange, utilize the Garage Military Crate Spawns, and get to a part of the Store that you may feel more comfortable towards and get to work with it.

Forest might also be a good map for you to get some quick cash as Scav/PMC. You can head on in and kill 3-4 Scavs and get more than a 100K in less than five minutes.

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