Breath of the Wild 2 Locations, Gameplay, Characters, Ganon, And Lore Details

Back at E3 2019, Nintendo made the announcement that they would be releasing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, a sequel to the original BoTW game. However, so far the trailer that they showed us is the only sort of detail that we’ve gotten this year.

Exactly what all will be in it, including possible new characters and locations, along with new information about Ganon and the lore behind this version of Hyrule, has yet to be elaborated on by Nintendo, along with what the game will even be out to begin with.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 Details

While there is likely a lot of details that Nintendo has stored up about the game, all we can really do so far is just speculate on what is going to be in the game to begin with when it releases, and how much will be carrying over from the first Breath of the Wild game.

Considering it took three years between Breath of the Wild’s announcement at E3 2014 (where the open-world, the new version of Link, and the first mechanics of Sheikah technology and Guardians) and its release in March of 2017, we can likely expect a similar release schedule to happen, unless Nintendo is only intending to build on what they created for the first Breath of the Wild game.

Breath of the Wild Sequel, Continuation, Ganon, Lore

Despite how little it’s happened, the concept of a sequel to a Legend of Zelda game isn’t actually unheard of. Various games have been made that are intended to be sequels to a game before them, such as the two Oracle games, Zelda 2: The Adventures of Link, and others.

While the Zelda timeline is so convoluted and nonsensical that Nintendo had to release a book, the Hyrule Historia, to keep everything straight, Breath of the Wild 2 being a sequel is thankfully easy to follow. We at least know that the game takes place five years after the original Breath of the Wild, but otherwise we don’t know what’s up.

The teaser trailer shown at E3 2019, however, did give us at least some lore into the backstory of the Breath of the Wild time period. The trailer shows Link and Zelda making their way deep beneath Hyrule Castle, passing various graven images of Ganondorf as a conquering warlord, strange magic, and an odd-looking severed arm having impaled Ganondorf to a pedestal to keep him in place.

This is likely what caused him to manifest as Calamity Ganon rather than a physical body, though what caused it and how it happened will hopefully be given more elaboration.

The Lore

What we do know from Breath of the Wild is that Ganon became Calamity Ganon when he was defeated hundreds of years before the first Breath of the Wild game, where the Divine Beasts, Guardians, and the Champion of Hyrule (a previous Link incarnation) helped to imprison him. We may be facing a Ganondorf at the height of his power, along with whatever thing was used to seal him away to begin with.

Either way, the teaser did show us that there were a few things that we didn’t learn in Breath of the Wild, such as Ganondorf’s past as a conquering warlord, and whatever arm had pinned him to his prison might have come from. With the various lore dumps we got in the previous game, which included a lot of information about the Sheikah and the flavor text on weapons, hopefully that will be ramped up in the sequel.

The Gameplay, The Characters

The original Breath of the Wild’s gameplay was quite the departure from normal Zelda gameplay, involving a wide open world to explore, cooking, and wandering NPCs. Considering this game is a direct sequel to the original Breath of the Wild, we can likely expect these same mechanics to be part of the game, but likely expanded in some way.

We might even be getting a larger world than the already-large Hyrule that we got before, or at least one that’s been vastly changed in the five in-game years since the past Breath of the Wild game. We might also be seeing things like new enemies, new towns, new locations, and, perhaps most importantly, new characters.

One of the biggest parts of the original Breath of the Wild game in the minds of most players were the wide variety of unique characters that we came across during our travels as Link. Including the four Champions of Hyrule such as Revali, Urbosa, Darunia, and Mipha, we also found other characters such as the Rito bard Kass, the warrior Teba, Zorah prince Sidon, and many more.

While we can likely expect to see at least some of these characters in the future, there’s no telling what other characters like them we’ll be coming across later over the course of the five year gap between the first Breath of the Wild game and the next.

Release Date

As we said before, there were three years between Breath of the Wild’s first showing at E3 2014 and its release as a launch title for the Nintendo Switch back in March of 2017. While it seemed fairly far in development on that area, it still took three more years of work before we actually saw the result, though it did make progressive appearances at other E3 showings after that (to the point that one year they only brought Breath of the Wild and didn’t hold a presentation because of it).

Breath of the Wild 2 was actually intended to be a new DLC for the game, before Nintendo realized that there was too much in it that they wanted to use and so made a whole new game. This likely means that it will be using the same framework, so there’s no guarantee that the game will take as long as the original Breath of the Wild to create.

However, at the same time, another reason why Breath of the Wild got such a good reception was the sheer amount of content in it. Nintendo will likely have to make sure that the game will have just as much content, if not more, and that may cause the development to take longer.

There is also a deduction that the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 could release as a launch title for the rumored Nintendo Switch 2. Nintendo obviously is planning to launch a stronger console and Breath of the Wild 2 could be a perfect fit for that.

While we likely won’t have any news about the game’s release for a while, or at least until next E3 or the E3 after that, hopefully Nintendo will at least give Zelda fans some new information about the Breath of the Wild sequel, and hopefully when it comes out it will be even better than the first Breath of the Wild game.