Halo Infinite Multiplayer is in Very Good Shape Right Now, To Improve and Change further

Halo Infinite can be easily referred to as the biggest title in works by 343 Industries for Xbox One. At E3 we saw the game engine trailer of Halo Infinite but nothing else has been seen yet. Now, the franchise manager of Halo, Frank O’Conner has revealed some exciting details about how the development process is going on. And how the multiplayer of Halo Infinite works as of now.

Frank O’Conner shed some details of Halo Infinite in recent Tweets. He mentioned that he’s extremely happy about the multiplayer of Halo Infinite as of now. Frank O’Conner also said that one of the big challenges and advantages of a game like Halo is the opportunity of “subjective and broad.” To explain, he mentioned that he doesn’t use Ground Pound in Halo 5 because he’s not skilled enough though this can be a go-to move for other players.

He also went on to further say that the way players play Halo should be accounted to deliver a suitable Halo experience.

Must be accounted for in everything from initial design proposals to final schemes and matchmaking performance. Everything is connected and top tier players are stacked on a pyramid of different styles and preferences. Options help but the core game loop must also be good.

And that will be true no matter what changes are made to the next game and should be at least fairly considered when having conversations–as should campaign content and player options/choices. The ‘perfect’ Halo probably exists as an average but logically speaking, there’s almost no chance that a mathematical objectively polled average would look like some of the idealization proposals I’ve watched and read.

That being said, Frank also mentioned that he’s very “super confident and enthusiastic” about the teams’ approach of making Halo Infinite a game for old Halo players and for the newcomers at the same time.

Now that’s something not everyone believes in. Former creator of Halo franchise, Marcus Lehto said that it’s not possible. Because of the challenging tasks of making a Halo experience with fresh new ideas while on the other hand also working on to improve old features that the veterans of Halo enjoy.

As for the Halo Infinite multiplayer, Frank is very satisfied with it. He expects it to improve and change as the development continues.

I’m extremely happy about how Infinite MP plays right now, but it will keep changing & things I like now will change and things I don’t get will improve – but I like every flavor of Halo so far, so in that regard I’m a filthy casual. What I can do tho is listen to this community.

Sadly Frank didn’t go further into the details of Halo Infinite multiplayer. It’s because he has a rule of not discussing a work in progress so we have no other choice than to wait. All we can do is to look at the Halo Infinite trailer from E3.

As for Halo Infinite’s campaign, narrative experiences director Dan Chosich has revealed that it’s centered around hope, mystery, and wonder.

There’s no release date yet for the game. Stay tuned to know about the release date of Halo Infinite first. And to know when the game goes live for pre-orders.