New Monster Hunter World Update Fixes Matchmaking On Xbox One

A new Monster Hunter World update for the Xbox One version of the game has apparently brought a fix to the game’s matchmaking, which has been dodgy on that platform since the game’s release. Players who tried to join up with a friend often had difficulty in doing so before.

Considering that Monster Hunter is a game that often requires teamwork to take down some of the bigger monsters (especially some of the Elder Dragons, one of which was a part of the last Monster Hunter World beta), being unable to team up with friends if you want to go after one of the bigger monsters is a recipe for disaster when you try and tackle it all by yourself.

Thankfully, it seems that the new Monster Hunter World update has fixed this. Microsoft has said that the new update, update, will be rectifying all of the issues on the platform that have been afflicting Matchmake, Filter Search, Squad Sessions Session, and Respond to SOS functions.

Playstation 4 players have also received a fix to the game in their own update, which fixed a glitch where a bounty wouldn’t work properly. Players will now get points and complete bounties properly, and will also now be able to use the Hunting Horn without trouble.

Apparently not content with just fixing matchmaking with the Monster Hunter World update, Capcom also put out an online guide on how to get online in the game, which could help a lot of new Monster Hunter players who haven’t figured out how to get online yet to get online and find parties to hunt with.

Either way, if you play Monster Hunter World on the Xbox One but have been having trouble with matchmaking, now’s your time to get back into the game and grab some friends to kill some tough monsters.