Monster Hunter World Beginners Guide – How to Fast Travel, Upgrade Canteen, Astera, Fireflies, Pelicos, Combos (Tips and Tricks)

Monster Hunter World is an extremely complicated game which has a lot of mechanics for you to master. This Monster Hunter World Beginners Guide will give you all of the basic knowledge of the game to get you started.

The main point of this guide is to make sure that you do not waste a lot of your time trying to figure out basic mechanics such as fast traveling. We will also be telling you some useful tips and tricks which will definitely help you in your playthrough of the game.

Getting Started with Monster Hunter World

The game has been incredibly hyped up, which will cause quite a few new players to play it for the first time. For this reason, we will start off by letting you know how you can get going.

We will tell you about all of the basic objectives that you will have. After this, you will be told about the progression system and how you can learn to take on enemies which are stronger.

Monster Hunter World works in a way that is quite different from other RPGs. The progression system is different and so are some of the ways that you can travel. For this reason, we will take a look at the movement mechanics such as the option to fast travel and the boosts that you can get inside of the game.

Lastly, we will give you some very important tips and tricks which will help with your playthrough of the game. The first will be on how to take control of your HUD, and how to maximize its potential. After this, there will be a few tips such as how to use the Fireflies to your advantage and how the environment impacts your game.

Monster Hunter World Beginners Guide

If you have never played a game from the Monster Hunter series before, then here is what you need to know. The game works like any other Action RPG. You need to hunt monsters and you will be assigned specific tasks that you need to complete. These will allow you to collect supplies which will upgrade your weapons so that you can take on bigger monsters.

Your character does not have any stats of its own, and the weapons upgrade are the only way to progress your battle stats. When a quest begins, you are given the general area of the monster, and you need to use the footprints along with other clues to search for the monster.

Eventually, you will find and battle a monster. This will be a lengthy fight and the monster will flee during the course of the battle, requiring you to chase it. When you defeat your enemy, you will have the option to loot it for parts and then return to the hub.

This is the essence of Monster Hunter World, now let’s take a look at some of the ways you can move really fast and avoid the tedious walks to the quest locations.

Movement Guide – How to Activate Boosts, Fast Travel

Fast Travel is very important, but yet very simple to do. In order to Fast Travel, all you need to do is to open up your map and locate the area that will be your destination. Then choose this area for fast travel and you will be instantly transported there, saving your time.

You need to use this mechanic since the world of the game is quite large and you only have a set amount of time to kill the monster that you have been assigned.

Boosts can be acquired through eating different things at the base camp. Eat something before you go on a hunt as you will probably need to cook your food or buy it, and you will not have time to do that while you are on a hunt.

Boosts will make your life easier and you can manage them by eating something specific for a monster that you are chasing. Each monster is unique and a boost that may be perfect for hunting one may not be as good for hunting another.

How to Upgrade your Canteen

First of all, better ingredients can be unlocked if you do quests for the cook in Astera. Delivery Quests for other people will also get your ingredients, so it is best if you hold on to your items instead of selling all of them at the first opportunity. Delivery Quests are often done for researchers in expeditions, so look out for them as they are marked on your map.

If you do all of this, your canteen will automatically be updated through the story. You will eventually unlock Drinks and increase the slots for meals, which will allow you to have more buffs.

All of your ingredients will stay with you permanently and you will not have to find them again. However, you can only use them once per quest, and the meal effects will wither out when you faint. You will eventually be able to cook multiple meals per quest for increasing your health.

Increasing your Health and Stamina

There are multiple ways you can increase your Health and Stamina. Eating a meal at the Canteen is probably the best one. You should already know how to upgrade your canteen by now.

Apart from this, you can also use potions to increase health and stamina. The Max Potion is by far the best one as it will increase them both permanently. Try to have one of these with you whenever you go out on a quest, but only use them if you run out of canteen meals.

Lastly, you can use Mega Nutrients and Nutrients to give yourself a small health increase. Beware though, as it only lasts until you faint and is gone after that.

Understanding UI

Health Bar that you see is on the top-left of your screen along with the Stamina Bar. Keep an eye out for them, as they will decide whether you are alive or dead. Apart from this, these two do not need to be explained as they are a part of practically every RPG and it is quite obvious what they do.

Charge determines how much power has built up in your weapon. Your weapon will be more effective if it is charged up. Some weapons do not have a charge option though so do not be surprised if you are unable to find this meter.

The Charge option appears directly underneath the Weapon Sharpness bar. This is how sharp your melee weapon is. A sharper weapon does more damage, and you can use the whetstone to sharpen your melee weapon if it is becoming too dull.

Felyne Status will tell you whether or not your Felyne companion is fighting; make sure you do not let it die. Apart from this, you also need to keep an eye out on the Activity Feed, as it will tell you the account of each battle and mention what gear you have collected in the recent times.

Quick-Use Item is available in the bottom right of the screen which will allow you to use your current item very quickly. Press L1 to cycle through different options.

Lastly, Current Target and Map will both be visible in the bottom left of your screen and will help you to take notes on the surroundings and plan ahead.

Beginners Tips and Tricks

Before we give you some useful information, remember that you can enhance your experience of the game by playing with your friends. Sure, some people may prefer playing alone, but the matchmaking option allows you to take on really difficult hunts with the help of your trusted comrades.

Not only is it good to have someone watching your back, but the amount of fun that you can have with some of your friends cannot be put into words.

Talk To NPCs

Like many open-world titles, NPCs offer side quests in Monster Hunter World. In the beginning, take up these side-quests whose rewards will benefit you further down the game and will not be apparent to you at first. Just do the quests and gather the rewards, it’s a good idea to collect these rewards.

Use Combos

Combos are a great way to deal tons of damage. The combat in the game is already complex enough, but mastering combos will go a long way for you if you want to become a successful hunter. Keep your enemies in the dark about what you are going to do next, and make sure that you keep on moving in between combos so as to ensure that you are a difficult target to hit.

Also, remember to make use of the world around you to dodge around attacks and confuse your enemy when in the middle of combat since these tiny maneuvers go a long way over the course of a fight.

Use Lifts To Traverse

Monster Hunter World is a huge game and walking from one place to another takes a lot of time and also increases the chances of getting lost in the world.

Instead of walking and running to places, use the lifts that will instantly take you to different key areas of Astera.A

Use the World

Continuing on the last point, it is essential for you to utilize your surroundings to their maximum effect. Do not forget about the terrain when you are searching for your target. You will find a lot of small creatures that you can take out with ease and then have them as your meal.

They might also occasionally drop something which could serve as a useful prize. They might also try and sneak up on you, so avoiding them is best if you do not want to be hassled by useless minions. So remember to keep an eye out on the world around you, and especially behind you.


This is a part that the majority of the newer players tend to ignore when they start playing Monster Hunter World. Try to use the fireflies to find out areas of interest. If you are an experienced player, you might be able to find these areas on your own, but newer players should always trust the fireflies and the fact that they can help you immensely on your quest for larger monsters.

Always try to make use of these fireflies, and even if you decide not to, you can always have them as your backup option in case you get stuck somewhere and are unable to figure out what to do next.

Astera is Your True Home

Astera has everything that you could possibly need. You can craft weapons at the Cliffside outpost, get a home and begin your quests. Astera is where you will return no matter where you go in the world for quests. It will slowly upgrade when you move ahead on your story and become a better hunter. There will be new NPCs and you will eventually be able to form squads from this hub.


Using your D-Pad will alert you to the capture net, this can be used to trap pets for yourself. The net works like the slinger. The net will allow you to capture small critters that you see roaming about in the world. When you capture a pet, you will be able to display it by talking to the housekeeper in your room. There are a lot of pets and they add a fun element to the game, taking you away from all the beast murdering for a little while.

Item Boxes

Like many games, Monster Hunter World doesn’t feature unlimited inventory space and that is where Item Boxes comes in as these will allow you to store your items that you don’t require at the time to free up some space for useful items. Furthermore, storing items in Items boxes also save you from cluttered inventory.

Grappling Hook

You already have the Grappling hook in your arsenal when you start the game. All you need to do is to figure out how to use it. If you find terrain which you can use for the hook, then you might be able to save yourself a fair amount of time. Find a surface you can climb, and when your climbing, simply press A or X depending on your console. This will deploy the hook and you will be able to use it to scale up a lot faster than you would usually.

Flora and Fauna

These two bugs will help you quite a lot. You can either collect living samples by using your capture net, or you can use them to get small health increases while on quests. Sometimes, the toads will give you toxins which will come in very handy, as they will allow you to paralyze the monsters. If you are low on cash, you can catch them and sell them to buy other stuff that you need.

Use Boosts and Mantles

Make sure you prepare for the quests by readying up some meals. Do this by purchasing some food from the NPCs and then cooking it. Food can give you a huge amount of boosts which can be vital to you slaying a monster or fainting from its wrath. Later on, you will be able to get Mantles which will give you an assortment of different buffs. Check out our Monster Hunter: World Mantles Guide to see what the mantles do and how you can use them for your benefit.

Use your Palico

Your Palico can be quite useful. You can either bring it with you on a quest or you can leave it behind. The advantage of bringing your Palico along with you is that you can use it to communicate with different clans of Felynes. This will allow your Palico to learn their language and make them befriend you. Once you have befriended them, they will help you during fights.


Squads are amazing, as they allow you to have fun with your friends and go on hunts together. There can be up to 50 friends in a squad and a single person can be in up to eight different squads. For more information on the squads in the game, check out our Monster Hunter: World Multiplayer Guide.

That is all we have for our Monster Hunter World Beginners Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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