This Is Every Bungie Apology for Destiny 2 Problems, Is Apologizing Enough Though?

Another day, another Bungie apology has been made public, this time about the Destiny 2’s Faction Rally Update. Apparently, the long-awaited Faction Rally Update is not working as intended and fans have a not so civilized way to show their anger. Bungie has taken the apology thing a bit too far after this last incident, creating new problems each time they reassure players of changes they’re about to make. How many times has Bungie given such answers about Destiny 2 though?

The whole uproar started when the developer team had to face backlash over some changes to the way XP scales in Destiny 2 with an apology on Bungie’s official website. At the time, Bungie changed the way XP was distributed to your leveling up and without even knowing it you then had to get twice as much XP in order to get to the next level.  Fans didn’t think much at the time as they were hoping things will get better even though the team was continuously making one wrong move after another.

After this, came the Bungie apology about the Curse of Osiris expansion and the fact that not owning it locked you out of base content of Destiny 2. Only after Curse of Osiris went live, Bungie did realize that locking people out of certain parts of the game is not working and again apologized to the community through their website and reassured players that this issue will be fixed soon. Bungie even said, “This was an unacceptable lapse on our part, and we understand the frustration it has created”. We all thought that they might have understood by then.

Other minor issues started popping up soon and the apologizing continued, like the Three of Coins issue that caused Heroic Strikes not granting higher chances for Exotics when using the Three of Coins consumables, compared to Vanguard Strikes. Another Bungie apology came in saying they will address the issue with a future hotfix.

Bungie seems to be responding to most feedback fans are sending yet after all this talk no words seem promising. During the Eververse The Dawning Event, players were furious about the existence of shady loot boxes into the game, containing legendary armor pieces and exotic ships, Sparrows, emotes and Ghost shells. At the time Bungie reassured players that the issue will be forwarded to the dev team for discussion and even Destiny 2 director Christopher Barrett took the matter to Twitter saying that their dev team wants their players to feel respected and to do that the team will be bringing the issue up for discussion.

This brings us to the Destiny 2 latest issue, the one concerning the development update for January 11th. In the related post on Bungie’s website, Barrett states that the dev team will start “doing” instead of talking about their plans for the game. This almost felt like a straight up lie after all the times the team behind Destiny 2 messed up the gameplay in favor of a new update or event.

As for the latest Faction Rally Update, this is the part where fans have decided that Bungie has taken it a bit too far with admitting they messed up but done nothing about it. What actually caused the huge uproar we see today is the fact that players can now only get cosmetics from loot boxes in the Faction Rallies event. Who would have thought? That you would have to grind in a loot based game like Destiny 2 in order to get cosmetics like it was some kind of MMORPG. The worst part of it is that, instead of taking straight action on the matter, Bungie again reassured players that the issue will be fixed… At the next Faction Rallies so the current ones are.. well, f***ked!

Bungie has to understand that apologizing and admitting they are wrong is not working anymore. Destiny 2 is at its breaking point and the dev team has to understand this and do something about it in the near future. As we see it, there are only two options here: either Bungie will start truly listening to player feedback and take immediate action or see Destiny 2 fall and players move to some other game.

Seeing a $60 title like Bungie’s flagship crumbling down due to miscommunication of the team and constant bad decisions is such a shame. We hope that Bungie has taken the message and will start taking some serious action to make Destiny 2 a great sequel to their original, now classic, title.

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