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Assassin’s Creed Origins Legendary Weapons Guide – How to Get Legendary Weapons, All Legendary Weapons

The best weapons in the new Assassin’s Creed are the legendary ones. To find them though, can be a very difficult task. This Assassin’s Creed Origins Legendary Weapons Guide tells you the best way to get whichever weapon you require. Although weapon locations are randomized in AC, most of the legendary weapons have a common drop or source.

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Assassin’s Creed Origins Legendary Weapons Guide

Remember to upgrade your weapons as you level up using the blacksmith so that they are the same as your character level. This will maximize the damage output and make fights easier in the process.

Assassin’s Creed Origins Legendary Weapons

The Fang – Sickle Sword

This sword is offered with the digital deluxe pre-order. This has max level Critical Hit damage and poison on hit which makes it perfect for one on one combat. You might be able to one hit enemies if you are a level above them.

Golden Wolf – Normal Sword

You can get this sword by killing the Outsider Phylakes. This sword should be built to crit as it has a max level critical hit rate and level 2 critical hit damage.

Apart from this, you will restore a little bit of your health whenever you kill an enemy with it, making it perfect for tearing down multiple enemies.

Smoke and Mirrors

This bow can be taken from The Iron Ram Phylakes after you kill one. It has level 3 stealth damage and level 2 critical hit rate.

The range on this weapon is quite good so you can easily attack them from afar. Lastly, there is a small chance that attacks from this bow light your enemies on fire.

Sarissa – Spear

Kill the Stranger Phylakes to get this weapon. This has a huge critical hit damage and is perfect for battling heavily armored enemies.

Snakes on a Shield – Shield

This is a bonus offered with the Digital Deluxe pre-order. This shield gives you level 3 adrenaline on parry so you can quickly charge your adrenaline.

The level 3 damage absorption can be very useful, especially when coupled with the poison on the block which means that you can continuously deal damage even when you are playing defensive.

That is all we have for our Assassin’s Creed Origins Legendary Weapons Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!