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Horizon Zero Dawn Rockbreaker Guide – How to Defeat, Weaknesses and Tips

Horizon Zero Dawn Rockbreaker Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about finding Rockbreaker’s weaknesses and tips and tactics to defeat it.

While not really a burrowing worm, Horizon Zero Dawn Rockbreaker acts just like one and fighting it can be quite a chore since it constantly goes underground and then pops out without warning. This Horizon Zero Dawn Rockbreaker guide will help players in defeating this robotic monstrosity without having to worry too much.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Rockbreaker

In our Horizon Zero Dawn Rockbreaker Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about defeating Rockbreaker in the game.

Horizon Zero Dawn Rockbreaker – How to Defeat

The Rockbreaker has three giant buzzsaws for a mouth and as the name suggests, it breaks rocks and occasionally goes underground, only to pop up again near the player to cut them with its spinning buzzsaws. Besides this saw attack, the Rockbreaker will also occasionally spit out rocks at the player, which should be avoided.

Since the rocks it shoots out are in a pretty wide arc, there is no point in trying to run left or right in order to avoid the spray. It is better to just run away from the range of the attack. Speaking of running away, throughout the encounter, players should try to stay range and chip away at the Rockbreaker’s health with arrows. Maintaining a safe distance is very important but it should be easy since the robot moves slow.

Since Rockbreaker uses its arms to dig the ground and then burrow itself, players should focus on those first and try to destroy them. Using Tearblast arrows can be helpful here as not only will it deal a decent amount of damage but also remove a lot of armor plating, exposing more weak spots.

All the weakspots are vulnerable to all types of arrows so players shouldn’t have to worry about which arrow to use. Frost arrows can be helpful in the encounter to slow the Rockbreaker down and making it easier for armor destroying arrows to hit it.

Another very helpful critical damage point to aim for is the fuel sac on its underbelly. Since the canister is pretty decent sized, aiming for it shouldn’t be a problem as the Rockbreaker pops out of the ground with its belly exposed. This will cause an explosion that deals massive damage. Similarly, the exhaust port at its back can also be useful to chip away a decent amount of health.

Once again, targeting these two weak points is considerably easier when the robot is slowed down with Frost attacks. This way not only will it be easier for the players to avoid attacks but countering them will also be a walk in the park.

This is all we have on our Horizon Zero Dawn Rockbreaker Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!