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Nioh Immortal Flame Walkthrough Guide – Finding Shrines, Saika Magoichi Boss Battle

Nioh Immortal Flame Walkthrough Guide to help you complete the mission and defeat all enemies in the area.

The mission basically tasks you to find multiple shrines and defeating new types of enemies before heading to the final boss. This is the mission during which you get to find a new Guardian Spirit named Suzaku.

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Nioh Immortal Flame Walkthrough Guide

In our Nioh Immortal Flame Walkthrough Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about completing the mission.

Finding the Next Shrine

After the cut-scene, pray at the Shrine and head left around it to come to a flamed-lined path.

Continue right through the large doorway to find the path ahead blocked by fire. Hug the left-hand side wall and continue right past the wall before heading left. There are some enemies in the area so make sure to get rid of them.

I recommend passing through the flames and ignore the little bit of damage that you get. From there, head left into the courtyard and head up the steps into a building. Defeat the enemy and head continue right to get to the next area.

Head to the top of steps and veer left from the top before heading down-right in an area with barrels.

Proceed through the next area while dealing several Skeleton Warriors and head left after getting through the doorway to find another Shrine.

Moving On

From the Shrine, you need to head right and head inside the house on the left-hand side. After clearing the enemies, head up the stairs and go left down the hallway before heading out the door,

Continue left and up the stairs to come across a Wheel Monk.

After coming the Wheel Monk, head left from the end of the path and then right down towards the Shrine on the right-hand side. Continue along the path to come to the area where you fought the Skeleton Warriors.

From the fire wall, head right and take the ladder up. From the top, head left and drop down to come to a new area.

After dealing with the enemies, head to the door on the far left-hand side of the area to unlock a shortcut. Now open the double-door and head inside the structure. Once inside, follow the hallway and break the wall on the left-hand side.

After entering the new room, break another wall straight ahead and head down the hallway.

Defeat an enemy in the next room, break the wall, and head left out of the room. Now head down the hallway and head left up the stairs. Once you’re at the top, head right and open the double-door on the right-hand side. After dealing with the enemies, open another pair of sliding double-doors and you should be able to find the mission’s boss.

After dealing with the boss of the mission in order to trigger a cut-scene and earn the Suzaku Guardian Spirit.

This is all we’ve on our Nioh Immortal Flame Mission Walkthrough Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!