Nioh Walkthrough – The Ocean Roars Again, Umi-Bozu Boss Tips

By   /   Feb 9, 2017
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This Nioh walkthrough will guide you through The Ocean Roars Again mission and will help you to win the Umi-Bozu Boss Fight.

Like all the boss fights in Nioh, Umi-Bozu boss fight is a challenging one. If you are not careful or get greedy to even land one more hit, you risk letting your hard work go to waste as Umi-Bozu will not let go of any chance to attack you.

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Nioh Walkthrough – The Ocean Roars Again

The Courtyard

As the mission starts you will find a shrine, rest there and prepare for the journey ahead. Now go right and go down along the pathway and you will find a bonfire but first take out the pirates and then light the bonfire. As you light the bonfire you will see another one across the way.

Go towards the second bonfire through the broken wooden boards. Along the way, you will face a few Water Yokai so be prepared. While moving ahead you will reach a point where you can take a path on a roof, get to the roof and drop down. There will be Yokai in there, so take them out and light the second bonfire then proceed outside and follow the path that has hanging clothes.

Take a left and go through the door and you will find few Yokai waiting for you. Take them all out and light the third and final bonfire for this region. Go back towards the main gate where you will encounter the Umi-Bozu Boss Fight. Also, there will be a shrine before that, rest there and prepare for battle.

Umi-Bozu Boss Fight

After resting on the shrine proceed to the main gate and enter the arena. This Nioh boss fight is a challenging one so the strategy here is to deal as much damage through ranged weapons as possible. Attack with ranged attacks until Umi-Bozu pounces at you.

If you have arrows for your bows or ammo for your gun, just aim at Umi-Bozu’s head. After a while, he will pounce on you and you will have the chance to go in for the melee attack, and only hit three times then back off.

One thing is very important that you need to go to the sets of fire around the arena and interact with them to apply fire element to your weapon. This is the most effective and the only way to win Umi-Bozu Boss Fight in Nioh. Keep hitting him with ranged weapons until Umi-Bozu pounces at you then go in for the melee attacks. Repeat these steps until you have defeated Umi-Bozu.

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