Nioh Walkthrough – Complete The Silver Mine Writhes, Great Centipede Boss Fight

This Nioh Walkthrough will guide you through the fifth mission of the game through The Silver Mine Writhes and The Great Centipede Boss Fight.

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Nioh Walkthrough – The Silver Mine Writhes Guide

In this Nioh Walkthrough, we have detailed everything you need to know about completing The Silver Mine Writhes.

Nioh Walkthrough – The Silver Mine Writhes

From the Shrine, head outside and cross the wooden bridge on the right-most side. A little ahead, defeat the enemy and clear the poison below. Now head back and take the ladder. Dispel the enemies, proceed ahead to find another ladder, and a locked door. Continue ahead, defeat enemies, and proceed towards another ladder that will allow you to clear more poison.

The ramp in the area will take you to the Shrine. You need to head to the Mine Shaft, take the ladder, and drop down from the end. In the next area, cross the bridge, and clear the mist. Continue to follow the tunnel to reach a room with a ladder and find the Central Mine Key. Now drop down and open the locked door.

From the Shrine, cross the bridge, take the ladder down, and interact with the contraption. After defeating the enemies, take a long ladder down, continue to follow the left tunnel, and face the mission’s boss named the Great Centipede.

The Great Centipede Boss Fight

At the start, continue to hit the boss’s legs while trying to avoid standing on the front. Try to stay behind it in Low Stance and with a long-range melee weapon. During the second phase, continue to strafe and make sure you do not get hit by its Stomp Attack. Once again, do not stand in front of it, and stick to the strategy mentioned above to complete the fight.

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