Nioh Walkthrough – The Silver Mine Writhes, The Great Centipede Boss Fight

By   /   Feb 8, 2017
Nioh Walkthrough Guide

This Nioh Walkthrough will guide you through the fifth mission of the game through The Silver Mine Writhes and The Great Centipede Boss Fight.

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Nioh Walkthrough – The Silver Mine Writhes

The Mines
Once the mission begins the first thing you will find is a shrine so obviously rest there and prepare for the journey ahead. After resting head outside and walk the plank to the right. Follow the plank to the ledge on the other side.

Here you will see a prompt to interact with what seems to be a contraption. Interact with it to clear the poison in the pit below you. From here go ahead and take the ladder to the right and you will see a door that can’t be opened yet, so continue on through the doorway to the edge of the plank.

Ahead you will see another plank to your left and three enemies on it. Take the plank and block the enemy attacks until you can knock them off the plank. Once you have taken care of them move forward and drop down to another contraption, interact with it to remove the poison.

Also, be careful while interacting with the contraption as there will be several Yokai, take them on individually and defeat them. Once the Yokai is taken care of make your way underneath the contraption and go up the ramp to the next shrine.

After you have rested at the shrine head across the mine shaft and then take a right and then through the doorway. Now climb up the ladder in front of you and then go right. Here you will find a Yokai, reveal it and defeat it and then make your way across the bridge and onto the platform with the contraption. Interact with the contraption to clear the poison.

Now drop down and kill the Yokai along with few other guards. Follow the pathway ahead of you until you reach a room with a ladder. Ascend the ladder and then go left and loot the corpse for the “Central Mine Key.” Now drop down and go to the door on the right, it would be locked but that is why we have the “Central Mine Key”.

Now go towards the entrance of the mine and take a short ladder to a ledge. Head left on the planks and you will find another ladder on the left. Kick the ladder down and it will open a shortcut now go back to where the door was and open it to reveal another shrine. Rest the shrine and prepare to battle with The Great Centipede.

After resting at the shrine exit the room and go towards the right. Here you will find another Wheel Yokai, defeat it and take out the archer to the left with your rifle or bow. Once you have dealt with the enemies go right and make your way down with the ladder to interact with yet another contraption.

From there you will need to take two ladders down until you see a room full of Yokai and as always take them out individually. Once all the Yokai have been defeated you will see a ladder that you can climb up.

Climb the ladder and head right and follow the tunnel all the way to the left. Drop down the ledge and The Great Centipede Boss Fight will commence.

The Great Centipede Boss Fight
Like all the bosses in the game, The Great Centipede is a difficult boss and can be defeated by dodging its attacks and timing your own. In the first phase of this boss fight target its legs, every time you dodge its attack you should be able to land an attack on its legs.

If you manage to stun the Great Centipede, you will see its appendages start to separate. This will allow you to land attacks on its head. The Great Centipede will get shorter with every appendage removed.

The second phase of this boss fight is a bit tricky, instead of attacking its legs, now you need to focus your attacks on its back, you will find the low stance helpful in this situation.

Start attacking its back until it does an 180-degree turn. Once its does that, block and get behind it once more and start attacking its back. Repeat these steps and you will defeat The Great Centipede.

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