Dishonored 2 Easter Eggs: The Walking Dead, Harry Potter Reference, Fallout

Dishonored 2 comes packed with an intense storyline and two playable characters – Emily and Corvo. Once again, stealth is at the heart of Dishonored 2 along with plenty of hidden secrets, puzzles, challenges and more.

Among other aspects, we have Dishonored 2 Easter Eggs that are hidden throughout the game. Developers hid some secrets in there that are hard to find but completely worth it. Players can find a reference to popular Tv Series, The Walking Dead, among others easter eggs.

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The most notable one, however, is the easter egg that ties Dishonored and Fallout series together. As you know, both properties belong to Zenimax who is the parent company of Bethesda and Arkane Studios. This is the first time such an easter egg has been introduced by the developers.

Check out the video above to see all of Dishonored 2 Easter Eggs.

In other Dishonored 2 news, the developers recently commented on the rumor that Emily Kaldwin is gay. Here’s what creative director Harvey Smith had to say:

As an action game, we do not delve into that. We lack the time and space for much romance. But my assumption is that – as a confident young woman brought up to lead and to stand against detractors and enemies, representing an Empire – she does as she pleases, and has probably dallied with a variety of people. However, her heart belongs to Wyman.

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