Fallout 4 Brotherhood of Steel Faction Quests Guide – Objectives, Tips

By   /   Nov 13, 2015

Looking for help with Fallout 4 side quests? There are plenty of them you can do to keep yourself busy and earn different items and rewards.

Fallout 4 Brotherhood of Steel Faction Quests

Below are side quests offered by Brotherhood of Steel, after you are inducted into the group. Side quests range from obtaining items to securing forts to killing mutants.

Objective: Investigate Brotherhood of the Steel Airship, Head to Cambridge Police Station.

When you observe the airship while coming from Fort Hagen, you will notice it heading to the city. Now, you can either go to the Boston Airport and speak with any Brotherhood of the Steel member or go to the Cambridge Police Station.

Be ready to face some Ghouls outside the station.

Fire Support
Objective: Listen to AF95 Military Frequency, head to Cambridge Police Station, Help the soldiers, talk to Paladin Danse.

If you head to Lexington or College Square you will receive a radio transmission on your Pipboy. Listen to it and go to the station. You need to speak with Paladin Danse and agree to help him once you’re done with Ghouls in the area.

Call to Arms

Objective: Speak With Paladin Danse and follow him, find a way to open the closed door, Kill Ghouls, Restore auxiliary power, go to control room, clear the control room, retrieve the transmitter,leave ArcJet Systems and talk to Danse.

Optional Objective: Activate Engine Core’s Rocket, Check to see Danse’s condition.

You have to visit ArcJet Systems and get the transmitter Danse’s need. It will help fix Brother of Steel communications. When you reach the control room, you can hack into the lab and use the lab analysis terminal to retrieve the password.

You can use the terminal to open the door. Reach the second floor and just outside the CEO’s office, be ready for some action. There are some turrets you need to disable that will help you get through. There is an office nearby, use the terminal inside to disable them.

Semper Invicta
Objective: Go to Cambridge Police Station, Talk to Paladin Danse, help the Brotherhood Recon Team.

You are now a member of Brotherhood of Steel, go to the police station and speak with Danse. If you speak with Danse before Act II, you will be inducted as an Initiate. If you do so after Act II, you’ll be inducted as a Knight.

You can also speak with Scribe Haylen or Knight Rhys to take up further assignments (Quartermastery, Cleansing the Commonwealth).

Shadow of Steel
Objective: Listen to AF95 frequency, speak with Paladin Danse, board the Vertibird, get debriefed, report to Lancer-Captain Kells, be present for Elder Maxson’s Address, talk to Elder Maxson, report back to Paladin Danse.

When you reach the police station after listening to AF95, follow Dasne to the roof. You fly over Boston, use the minigun turret to make the Raider encampments explode. Visit Lancer-Captain Kells on the deck of the ship who will ask you to attend an address by Maxson.

Tour of Duty
Objective: Meet Proctor Ingram, Proctor Teagan, Proctor Quinlan and Knight-Captain Cade.

Nothing special about this quest, it’s as easy they come. You’re ordered by Maxson to meet the crew on-board the ship.

Show No Mercy
Objective: Meet with Elder Maxson, get on-board the Vertibird gunship, Kill the Super Mutant Behemoth, clear Fort Strong, clear Fort Strong armory, talk to Paladin Danse, talk to Elder Maxson.

Once you have met all of the crew on board the ship, report back to Maxson and trigger the quest. You will head to Fort Strong and clear the mutant infestation. Secure the area using the minigun on Vertibird. Try not to engage the beast on-foot. Vertibird is the best option.

From Within
Objective: Look for Doctor Li, talk to Doctor Li , obtain evidence to convince Doctor Li, take the Holotape to Doctor Li, talk to Elder Maxson.

Infiltrate the Institute and get in contact with Doctor Li. You goal is to convince the Doctor to work on a special project for Brotherhood of Steel. You can convince her to work with you Charisma and complete some quick conversation challenges.

If you manage to do that, you won’t have to complete the rest of the objectives. If you can’t talk her into it, get some evidence related to the death of her colleague.

Outside the Wire
Objective: Put the Network Scanner Holotape inside the Institute Terminal, report back to Proctor Ingram.

You’re tasked with getting some data during your infiltration of the Institute. Insert the Holotape into the terminal to steal the data. The terminal is at the Institute relay area and entrance.

Liberty Reprimed
Objective: Look for a high-powered magnet, build electromagnetic actuators, find the bomb storage facility, find Mark 28 nuke stockpile, activate the distress pulser, activate Liberty Prime.

Go to Boston Airport, Ingram is working on a war machine that needs a lot of work.

There are two ways to complete this quest depending on whether or not you convince Doctor Li. Focus on convincing Li during “From Within” to avoid going through hoops. If not, then follow the given instructions.

Blind Betrayal
Objective: Go to Listening Post Bravo, find Paladin Danse, Obtain Paladin Danse’s Holotags, witness Danse’s Execution.

Speak to Elder Maxson on-board the Prydwen and accept the quest. Once that is done, look for Dance who is missing.

Quinlan has a way to find him to go meet-up on the main deck. Once you find Danse, you have a few options. You can either kill him on the spot yourself, witness his execution, or give a second chance. In both situations. you will get the Holotags.

Tactical Thinking
Objective: Go to Old North Church, Kill Doctor Carrington, go to the lower level and kill rest of the targets, reprogram and destroy PAM.

Speak with Lancer-Captain Kells to trigger this quest. Location is marked on your map, go there and do the wet work, report back to Kells to complete the quest.

Spoils of War
Objective: Fly to Mass Fusion and reach the roof, find the Beryllium Agitator, obtain the executive key card, reach the Reactor Level, proceed to the reactor chamber, take the Beryllium Agitator, remove Reactor Level security.

Speak to Proctor Ingram and agree to help her get the “Beryllium Agitator” Mass Fusion. You can decide whether she accompanies you or not.

You also have the option fly to the target via the Vertibird or leave the area to visit Institute to inform them. This will change your loyalty to the Institute, this will trigger Mass Fusion for the Institute quest.

Ad Victoriam
Objective: Plug in Beryllium Agitator, Activate power transfer switch, Defend Liberty Prime, Enter the Institute.

Speak to Proctor Ingram to trigger this quest. Insert the Agitator to the War Machine and reach the computer transfer the power. Escort Liberty Prime and reach safely at the location safely.

The Nuclear Option
Objective: Reach Institute reactor, override Institute lockdown, place fusion pulse charge inside reactor, activate detonator.

Speak with Elder Maxson and to go the Old Robotics area and reach the Institute BioScience laboratory.

Get to the reactor entrance and reach the central elevator. Enter Father’s quarters and get the codes from him. Use the codes to hack the terminal and you’re in.

There is lots of resistance in the next area, to keep that to a minimum, you can activate evacuation options at Father’s terminal.

A New Dawn
Objective: Go back to the Prydwen to speak with Elder Maxson

Maxson has called you back to the Prydwen for the final debriefing. You will be rewarded with the “Sentinel” tag and jetback for Power Armor.

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