Rust Buildings Guide – How To Build and Secure Your Base

By   /   Jan 12, 2014

To start building things in Rust you will have to rely on your survival, you will need to plan and execute perfectly. You need to know how the objects are build, construct yourself a building shack out of a wood shelter, a wood door, a workbench, a sleeping bag, a campfire and a furnace.

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Rust – How To Build Your Base

Every step that follows is crucial if you are looking to build a rather spacious house so make sure you do it right!

Planning Phase
I recommend that you, first work on the floor-plan for your new house on some graph paper.

Make sure, if you are planning for the top floors to be bigger than the bottom floors, to include space for all the foundations (wood or metal) to allow space for all the pillars, you need for the ceilings.

You should design a house that is either able to be hidden really well, or a house that is so strong that trying to break in is virtually impossible.

Gathering Resources
Then, for about an in-game week if you are doing this with two or more friends, you go out and find as many Rocks and Wood Piles as you can find. Don’t bother mining trees, you only get about 10-12 wood for 30 seconds of mining while you get about 60-80 wood for the same amount of time from wood piles.

Choosing the Location
For the perfect location, refer to the map. I would recommend resource hole, coast resource, or coast valley. You need to choose an area that is isolated from the road and is hidden from plain view, or an area that is easily defensible from raids from other players.

Now that you have all the material you can start the construction.

Building Objects and Resources

NameCrafting RequirementIs it Researchable?
Camp Fire5 WoodNo
Furnace15 Stones & 20 Wood & 10 Low Grade FuelNo
Large Spike Wall200 WoodNo
Large Wood Storage60 WoodYes


Metal Ceiling6 Low Quality MetalYes
Metal Door200 metal fragmentsNo
Metal Doorway4 Low Quality MetalYes
Metal Foundation8 Low Quality MetalYes
Metal Pillar4 Low Quality MetalYes
Metal Ramp5 Low Quality MetalYes
Metal Stairs5 Low Quality MetalYes
Metal Wall4 Low Quality MetalYes
Sleeping Bag15 ClothNo
Small Stash10 LeatherNo
Smoke SignalAirdropNo
Spike Wall100 WoodNo
Wood Barricade30 WoodNo
Wood Ceiling6 Wood PlanksNo
Wood Door20 WoodNo
Wood Doorway4 Wood PlanksNo
Wood Foundation8 WoodplanksNo
Wood Gate120 WoodNo
Wood Gateway400 WoodNo
Wood Pillar2 Wood PlanksNo
Wood Planks10 WoodNo
Wood Ramp5 Wood PlanksNo
Wood Shelter50 WoodNo
Wood Stairs5 Wood PlanksNo
Wood Storage Box30 WoodNo
Wood Wall4 Wood PlanksNo
Wood Window4 Wood PlanksNo
Wooden Door20 WoodNo
Workbench8 Stones & 50 WoodNo

Securing Your Base

If you want a proper house, it needs to be on stilts with a ramp leading up to the first floor. If it’s on stilts and properly pillared off outside, they can neither blow through the wall nor get to the top.

The design is very simple. It’s nothing more than 5 or 6 rooms in a line.

All rooms with doors lead to the next room. The last room is a stairwell going up and on the next floor, you do the same thing but in the opposite direction. When you reach the end of the second floor, (above the ramp now) another stairwell and rinse repeat.

Designing the house like this, with the outside pillars you are forcing bandits to go down every hall through every door so it becomes a numbers game, how many floors and doors can you build vs how much C4 they would be carrying.

Using this idea you can work on the design that fits your needs and is secure.

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