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Borderlands 2 Legendary and Rare Shields Guide

In a rough place like Pandora, you are going to need protection and Shields protect you in Borderlands. Shields have the regeneration capacity so if you are being shot from all directions, you can get to cover and take a breather.

How fast your shield regenerates will depend on the type of shield being used. Some shields also provide protection against the elemental damage as an additional functionality. All manufacturers except for Jakob’s cranks are there to provide these protective barriers in the game.

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  • A normal type with no particular specialty.
  • Manufacturer: Tediore


  • It increases the melee damage when it’s depleted.
  • Manufacturer: Bandit


  • The health is sacrificed to give a boost to the shield capacity. Not fair? Well, in the battle, it looks like to be fair.
  • Manufacturer: Pangolin


  • It is able to deploy booster packs that can refill it.
  • Manufacturer: Dahl


  • It can absorb bullets and later use them as reserves.
  • Manufacturer: Vladof


  • If the shield is fully charged, it will add power to your next gunshot that can do some extra damage.
  • Manufacturer: Hyperion


  • The elemental resistance of the shield is changed to the elemental damage taken at the last.
  • Manufacturer: Anshin

Explosive Spike

  • It can damage the opponents nearby through explosion.
  • Manufacturer: Torgue

Explosive Nova

  • The shield will be depleted in the form of an explosion when it’s not full.
  • Manufacturer: Torgue

Elemental Spike

  • The enemies in the close proximity receive elemental damage by the shield.
  • Manufacturer: Maliwan

Elemental Nove

  • The shield will cause an elemental blast when it is depleted.
  • Manufacturer: Maliwan

Borderlands 2 Rare Shields

1340 Shield
You have the chance to absorb enemy bullets that will be added to your backpack. Location: Out of Body Experience. Manufacturer: Vladof

First, you get 10% additional ‘Fight for your life’ time duration for one Aequitas or Veritas in your party. You also get the chance to absorb the enemy bullets that will be stored in your backpack. Location: Clan Wars: Wakey Wakey Manufacturer: Vladof

Melee damage dealt will also heal you if the law is in your hands. When the shield is depleted, it will get you extra roid damage. Location: BFFs Manufacturer: Bandit

Pot O’ Gold
Location: Clan Wars: End of the Rainbow Manufacturer: Bandit

Deadly Boom
When your shield or health is depleted, it will release an explosive nova blast. Location: The Overlooked: This is Just a Test Manufacturer: Torgue

Love Thumper
When the shield is depleted, the melee attacks will get you additional roid damage. The shield has extremely long recharge delay. Location: Best Mother’s Day Ever Manufacturer:

Flame of the Firehawk
It will continuously fire nova blasts when it’s depleted. It must be fully recharged between the successive nova blasts. Location: Cult Following: The Enkindling Manufacturer: Maliwan

Borderlands 2 Legendary Shields

The Transformer
You have the chance to absorb the enemy bullets which go to your backpack. Location: Pimon, Wildlife Exploitation Preserve Manufacturer: Vladof

The Bee
When the shield is fully charged, you will get extra amp damage in your next shot. Location: This Just In Manufacturer: Hyperion

The Sham
You get a chance to drop an IED booster when it’s damaged. Location: BNK3R Manufacturer: Vladof

Fabled Tortoise
The movement speed is increased when it’s depleted. Location: ‘Safe and Sound’ – Blue, Caustic Caverns Manufacturer: Pangolin

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Just like the sham, you get a chance to drop an IED Booster when damaged. Location: Chubby Enemies Manufacturer: Dahl

Black Hole
It releases a shock nova blast when the shield is depleted. Location: Hell Hath No Fury Manufacturer: Maliwan

You get the same elemental resistance equivalent to the damage taken in the last hit. It will also regenerate your health, and the health regeneration rate is increased. Location: Monster Mash: Part 3 – Zed’s Abomination Manufacturer: Anshin

When you are taking damage with bullets, it will launch corrosive homing spikes. Location: The Talon of God – Second Target Manufacturer: Maliwan