Borderlands 2 Grenades Guide

List of all the grenades you can find and equip in Borderlands 2 to modify your explosions in some interesting ways to deal with enemies

Weapons are good but when it comes to tactical planning, you can’t ignore the significance of Borderlands 2 grenades. Just like the different types of weapons, there are plenty of grenades variants to try in the game.

If you don’t find the function different, there are other things like the way of explosion and its delivery system etc that will differentiate the closely related types.

Borderlands 2 Grenades

Apart from the normal grenade variants, there are unique and legendary grenades with some fascinating functions. Who wants a grenade that will explode into baby grenades? It’s all in the guide below.

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Regular Grenades

It will explode normally when the fuse is completed. Manufacturer: Bandit, Tediore

It will explode into small a slew of more grenades. Manufacturer: Torgue, Bandit

Bouncing Betty
It will bounce in some direction and will explode into bullets randomly targeting the enemies in the area.
Manufacturer: Dahl

Area of Effect
Anything that will come near it will receive some damage. Manufacturer: Valdof

It will attract the nearby enemies before explosion. Come baby come! Manufacturer: Hyperion

It will extract some health from the enemies being hit by the grenade. Manufacturer: Maliwan

Fire Burst Grenade
This grenade releases flames once it has been denoted and can cover up an entire area full of enemies for few seconds before it fades out. It doesn’t matter whether the opponent is resistant to fire or not, these flames WILL cause damage. Manufacturer: Vladof

Cloud Grenade
When Cloud grenade detonates, it releases a rusty green-colored cloud that fades away after a while. The especial thing about this grenade is that it can even damage the enemies that are resistant to corrosion. Manufacturer: Vladof

A typical grenade that causes damage for few seconds after being thrown at the enemy. Manufacturer: Bandits

Tesla Grenade
Once this grenade explodes, it shocks each and every enemy that enters its radius for few seconds. Manufacturer: Vladof

Grenade Delivery Systems

Like I mentioned before, the identical grenades (with the same function) can differ based on things like how they explode or delivery systems. The different grenade delivery systems that can be used in Borderlands 2 are:

  • Lob at level 1
  • Lob sticky at level 6
  • Rubberized at level 11
  • Longbow at level 15
  • Longbow Sticky at level 15
  • Homing at level 18
  • Homing Sticky at level 18

Legendary Grenades

Bonus Package
You get the bonus in the form of a child grenades it releases, and you also get some extra damage. Location: Boom & Bwem (Southern Shelf) Manufacturer: Torgue

Bouncing Bonnie
The rubber grenade will keep bouncing until it strikes. It will spawn a bullet and grenade AoE area. It also deals bonus explosive damage. Location: Loot Midgets Manufacturer: Dahl

You get bonus explosive damage with extended throw. Location: Boll (Three Horns) Manufacturer: Tediore

It deals shock and singularity damage. Location: Ultimate Badass Varkid Manufacturer: Hyperion

Fire Bee
It serves the purpose of flamethrower and a grenade spout. Manufacturer: Vladof

Rolling Thunder
It will explode on each bounce and deals bonus explosive damage. Location: Old Slappy Manufacturer: Torgue

It will spawn cold child grenades that will deal elemental damage. Location: The Talon of God” – Second target Manufacturer: Maliwan

Storm Front
It will spawn area of effect child grenades on explosion. Location: Random Manufacturer: Vladof

Chain Lightning

Chain Lightning is a legendary grenade mod that regenerates a grenade every 25 seconds. This grenade shoots lightning bolts that burst into pieces upon collision and it arcs targets that are located close by. Manufacturer: Maliwan

Fire Storm
It regenerates grenade ammo and shoots fireballs directly at the enemy and explodes. Additionally, four more fireballs spawn at the area where the explosion occurred and eventually fall to the ground.  Manufacturer: Maliwan

Nasty Surprise

A nasty Surprise works like a common Longbow grenade. It drops four child grenades upon the opponent and if there aren’t four enemies than it will drop consecutively on the first grenade’s spot. Manufacturer: Hyperion


This grenade is like manual rocket launcher. It sends out three homing grenades after its explosion which continue to chase the enemies until the grenades fade out. Manufacturer: Vladof

Rare Grenades

Fuster Cluck
You will throw a handful of grenades that can cause the elemental damage (not sure). Location: Pretty Good Train Robbery Manufacturer: Bandit

Kiss of Death
It can split into child grenades. It will deal bonus explosive damage and can net you some health.Location: Hell Hath No Fury

Captain Blade’s Midnight Star

The Captain Blade’s Midnight Star is a unique cursed MIRV grenade having two special abilities such as “Hangin’ around with you is no picnic” and “Curse of the Cackling Designer!” Which increases damage/decreases child grenade count and ejects child grenade towards the person who threw it. Respectively. Manufacturer: Torgue

Contraband Sky Rocket

A unique grenade mod with a unique ability called WARNING. With the help of this ability, a Contraband Sky Rocket can release a large burst of “fireworks” and can be quite deadly when comes in contact with the enemy. Manufacturer: Bandits


This grenade has Special Weapon Effects such as Porkchop Sandwiches! This ability allows this weapon to regenerate grenade ammos over time, and can shoot fireballs that burst when come in contact with the enemy.  Manufacturer: Maliwan

Lightning Bolt

This heart-shaped grenade is the version prior to chain lightning. It can shoot lightning and explodes on impact. Manufacturer: Maliwan

Magic Missile

Magic Missile is a unique grenade mod. This grenade bouncing around when thrown and explodes after a lengthy period of time. This weapon is very dangerous as it can instantly kill the enemy upon impact. Manufacturer: Maliwan

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