GTA 5 Aircrafts Locations Guide – How To Get

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May be it’s due to the fact that Grand Theft Auto V is so vast that we need a huge stock of aircrafts or the criticism that Rockstar Games received for annulling the aircrafts from their previous installment in GTA franchise i.e. GTA IV.

Whatever the case be; the point is that they are in GTA V and a whole lot of them.

Some of these aircrafts can be purchased via online websites and some of them can be stolen from various places in the world.However, if you wish to purchase an aircraft from a website; not only you will need a goodly amount of cash at your disposal but also a private hanger in order to store it.

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GTA 5 Aircrafts

Buckingham Shamal
Buckingham Shamal can be bought for $1,150,000 from Shamal is a private jet which can also be located in Los Santos International Airport and can be stolen.

Buckingham Luxor
Buckingham Luxor can be purchased from for $1,500,000. Being a private jet; it is very similar to Shamal in terms of its attributes and performance. And like Shamal; it can be located at Los Santos International Airport and can be stolen.

Frogger is a helicopter which can be delivered to your private hanger for massive $1,300,000.

Mallard can be purchased for $250,000 from It can easily be regarded as one of the best aircraft in the whole aircraft category.

Buzzard is also a helicopter but it is equipped with Mount Machine Guns and Missiles. It can be purchased for $2,000,000 from . It can also be stolen from Fort Zancudo but you will get 4-star Wanted Level for doing this.

Stealing Titan is one hell of an odyssey! There are two ways you can enter Fort Zancudo; either by using a parachute or by driving head-on into it. Either way; military will NOT welcome your arrival by any means and will do anything to take you down. You will have to be very careful if you plan on stealing it!

Cuban 800
Cuban 800 is available at for $240,000. This is a decent aircraft in terms of its price range. But it does not stand a chance against Luxor or Shamal.

Duster can be bought for $275,000 from It is relatively a small aircraft with less top speed and acceleration compared to the other aircrafts.

Maverick can be bought for $780,000 from the website which can be accessed via your phone. Alternatively, you will also spot it on the rooftops of certain hospitals as ambulance.

Cargobob is yet another Military Helicopter which can either be purchased by paying $2,200,000 or by breaking into Fort Zancudo and stealing it from there.

P-996 Lazer
This military aircraft can be stolen by getting into Fort Zancudo. Please refer to our Knife Flight Guide to see how to steal this plane effectively!

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  • mackattak

    you can also jump the side gate. on the coast heading south after you pass the biker bar that Michael can buy; right before you enter the tunnel there is a natural ramp made from the earth. it will shoot you right over the gate with a fast car

  • Jim Kjellberg

    the duster can be found at a road close to Alamo Sea and zancudo river. the place is where the road makes a little circle. it is across the river from where u kill bikers as trevor early in the game. A duster also lands at mckenzie airport alot.

    the cuban 800 can be found at the los santos international airport, close to a hangar and the road makes an s-curve sort of. t is in the south west corner almost. next to it a mammatus spawns (wich sometimes lands at sandy shores airport)

    a velum can also be found at the airport infront of another hangar marked a-17 south of the main hangar. quite close to where the luxor and shamal sometimes spawn.

    at the airport you can also find the “jet” wich is the normal passenger plane.

  • Derpetta

    You missed the Velum and the 747.

  • doomed

    lol locations? more like how to buy. rename it.