GTA 5 Secret/Rare Vehicles Spawn Locations Guide – How To Get

How to get all the secret and rare vehicles in GTA 5. Find out whether purchasing them is your only option or you can steal them as well.

Cars and other vehicles play a significant role in Grand Theft Auto V. The map is so vast that it is almost impossible to walk from one location to another without spending hours and hours in real time.

In order to ease you, Rockstar Games have provided players with a large arsenal of vehicles which can either be purchased or high-jacked at any given time. Furthermore, there are some vehicles which are automatically assigned to your characters.

However, along with the vehicles which can be randomly accessed by wandering through the city; there are some other ones which can be found either completing certain challenges, via websites, or by looking for them in some specific locations.

This guide will help you out in finding all these secret vehicles which can be driven in GTA 5. For more help on GTA 5, read our Collectibles, Aerial Challenges and Hidden Packages Locations guide.

GTA 5 Secret and Rare Vehicles Locations

Some vehicles that are common in the map have some colors that are not easily found. These are therefore rare and a lot sought after. Whilst there are other vehicles that cannot be found on the streets or even at cars shops, these can only be found in secret car spawn locations that are hidden from the players.

Finding these cars have become a part of the game that a lot of players pursue in their free-time and some make it their goal to collect all the cars that the game has to offer. There are also some vehicles that need certain criteria or side missions to be completed to obtain them. These cars only spawn when you have fulfilled their criteria.

Space Docker
In order to get Space Docker, you will have to find all 50 Spaceship Parts collectible. You can check our guide on Spaceship Parts in order to find them easily.

Tractor Utility
You won’t be able to purchase this vehicle while playing the game but you may stumble upon it near the Light House.

Nagasaki Blazer
Nagasaki Blazer can be purchased by visiting for $8,000. This is easily the best vehicle in the off-road class. The traction is amazing, speed and acceleration are pretty decent, and handling is quick to master.

SandKing is basically an off-road truck which can be purchased for $45,000. You can also find it near Vespucci Beach.

Progress through the game and you will get the ability to buy Sonar Collections Dock for $250,000. Once you have purchased it; you will get the Submarine to help you in finding certain collectibles.

P-996 Lazer
This Fighter Jet can’t be purchased via any website. And you will have to get to Fort Zancudo in order to steal it. You will then take it your hanger to store it there.

All FIB and police vehicles can’t be purchased under any circumstance and can only be stolen from certain locations. This particular vehicle can be obtained by looking for it in Grand Senora Desert Satellite.

This is one expensive car. Make sure you have hefty $10,000,000 (10 Million Dollars) in your bank account before you head to and get it delivered to your garage.

FIB Buffalo
It can be found in exactly the same location as FIB SUV.

Park Ranger SUV
Yet another vehicle which can’t be purchased from anywhere in the game; it is only accessible from the Vinewood sign. Go to the Vinewood sign and you will get it parked in the vicinity.

Just like the Submarine, in order to get Dinghy, you will have to buy Sonar Collections Dock for $250,000. After that, you will have to accept a side-quest/challenge and you will find Dinghy at your disposal.

Unmarked Police Cruiser
Like other armed forces’ vehicles, this one is also un-purchasable. Anyway, make sure it is dark before you set out on your search for this particular vehicle. Get to the Olympic Fwy in Strawberry and you will see it parked at the Metro Station.

GTA V Online Spawn Locations

The variety of spawn vehicles in GTA online is not as ample as that available in the GTA single player game mode. This is because there is a lot of tussle between the players to obtain these spawned vehicles which results in weak players standing off without them.

Anyways, the following are some of the vehicles that are known to spawn at the locations described along them.

Obey Taligator
This is a rare vehicle that will appear in the parking lot of the Golf Course. It will only appear after you receive a text from Simone telling you to get the car from there.

Canis Bodhi
This is a rather common car that will only spawn if you either join or host the Rockstar mission Dirt Road.

Canis Mesa
This is a rare car that is owned by the Merryweather mercenaries. To obtain this car, you have to use one of the characters to spend $7500 with Merryweather to send mercenaries after another. And when the mercenaries arrive, you can kill them and steal the car from them. To keep it out of their sight, it is advisable that you get the car to a custom shop and get it over-hauled.\

Declasse Asea
This is a very rare and wanted car. In order to obtain this, you need to play with a new character and when you have to choose the car for racing in the tutorial, you should choose the Declasse and then keep it after the race only to get it customized to keep for your own.

Bravado FIB Buffalo
For this one, you will have to go to the satellite dishes on the road to Los Santos Customs and park your car by the first satellite dish at 10:00 pm. Leave your car and start walking until you see some FIB agents. They will be having two cars parked in their company, one of which might be the Bravado Buffalo. You will have to steal it from them.

Karin Rebel
You can find this car parker outside Criminal Records. Adversely, you can also buy this car at

For a complete list of purchasable vehicles in GTA V. Check out our Vehicles and Customization Guide.

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