GTA 5 Random Events Guide – Locations, Tips and Rewards

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You will automatically attain 1-star Wanted Level after he will tell you that he is a member of Lost. You will have to evade the cops
and get the man to his destination to complete the mission.

You can also take him to the police station but he will jump out of your car before you can get him there.

In the second mission, a prisoner will ambush you and will ask you to leave your car. There are a number of ways in which you can deal with this douchbag. You can shoot him by using the drive-by or come out of the car quietly and then blow up the car to kill this smart-ass.

Rogue Altruists

Location: Bayfree Canyon Road, Grand Senora Desert

Character: Michael or Franklin
Rewards: $80

The Last Guardian
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Get to the location to find the two rogue altruists harassing a lady on the sidewalk. One of them will be beating the woman while the other one will be on the watch.

They will start firing just as you arrive at the scene. The best way to do this is by using the drive-by and killing both of them to save the woman. Save the woman and she will thank you and ask you to drop her home.

Follow the marker on your mini-map to get her home and receive $80 as a token of gratitude.

Shop Robberies

During these missions, you will enter a particular shop and encounter a robbery in the process. You will be required to stop the thieves and return the money to the shop owner or you can keep it to yourself. These missions can be done with any character and the location of the shops is given below:

Robbery #1: Eastbourne Way, Rockford Hills
Robbery #2: Prosperity Street Promemade, Del Perro

Character: Any
Rewards: $2000

During the first robbery mission, you will have to enter in the Bob Mulet Hair and Beauty Shop. A cut-scene will trigger and you will witness a robbery in the process. After the cut-scene, quickly take out your weapon (preferably an Assault Rifle) and start shooting the vehicle in which the robbers are escaping.

After taking out all the robbers; pick-up the cash from the ground and either return it to the owner of the shop or keep it to you. Note that, if you return the cash to the owner of the shop, you will not get any reward.

In the second robbery mission, you will enter the Suburban store to witness the ongoing robbery. Once again, you will be required to take out your preferred weapon and take the escaping van and the robbers inside it to find the green blip on your mini-map which will be the cash.

If you return the cash to the owner of the shop, you will get 25% discount on all items. You will have the choice of getting $2000 or 25% discount on the shop.

Simeon Yetarian

Location: Adam’s Apple Boulevard and Power Street, Strawberry

Character: Michael or Franklin
Rewards: None

You can enter the Simon’s car dealership and be treated as a hostile. To begin this random event, go inside the store from the front entrance and take out the gunner near Simon’s office.

You will encounter many more gunners in the showroom; so it is better to take cover behind some desk and start shooting down the hostiles.

Leave through the West side to see the construction going on the window you broke through with Michael and Franklin.


Location: South Mo Milton Drive, Vinewood Hills

Character: Any
Rewards: None

While wandering through the South Mo Milton Drive, you will encounter some members of the Lost kidnapping a woman. They will get the woman in a black van and will start moving. The best way to do this is to use the drive-by and shoot the tires of the van to force the kidnappers come out of the car.

Once the kidnappers come out of the cars; kill them all and save the woman. However, you should not hurt the woman at all costs lest the mission will end.

After rescuing the woman, you will have to drop the woman to her place. You will encounter more of these kidnappers on your way back to the lady’s house. Take them out and drop the woman to her place in Banham Canyon to successfully complete the mission.

Sports Bike Thief

Location: North Rockford Drive, Richman

Character: Any
Rewards: +5 Driving Skills

While going through the North Rockford Drive, you will see a man speeding away on a yellow sports bike followed by the real owner of the bike.

You will be required to snatch the bike from the thief and return it to the rightful owner. You can easily do this by ramming the bike and forcing the thief to get off the bike. After the thief runs for his life, don’t waste your time by killing him. Instead, take the bike and return to the owner of the bike to complete this mission.

You can also keep the bike to yourself and screw the owner.

Stag Do Running Man

Location: Route #68, Great Chaparral

Character: Any
Rewards: Super Diamond

While moving along the Route# 68, you will see a man dressed in Pink underwear and tied to a pole. After untying him, you will come to know that he is going to get married and his friends played this prank on them.

You will have to escort him by following the yellow marker on your mini-map for him to get dressed up. Once he is done, you will get into his Super Diamond and get him to the church to get married. Once inside the church, the bride will slap this guy and you will get to keep the Super Diamond as a token of gratitude.

Altruists Cult Shootout

Location: Chiliad Mountain, State Wilderness

Character: Trevor
Rewards: $1000

After making the last delivery to the cannibal cult, the members of the cult will keep Trevor as hostage. This will trigger a cut-scene where the cannibals will start their ritual to give Trevor some time to escape and get hold of machine gun.

Move forward to the gate by taking out all the enemies in your path. The best way to do this is by staying in the cover and changing your position continuously.

You will encounter more gunmen before heading out of the gates. Kill them to find your vehicle parked outside. Take it and drive away to complete this event.

ATM Robberies

Location: Random Locations

Character: Any
Rewards: $500

There are a number of ATM machines situated in the world of GTA V. You will often encounter some thieves robbing off some citizens off their belongings near an ATM.

Although these locations are scattered throughout the world, you can find them easily by listening to their screams for help. This can be done in a number of ways; you can either kill the thief and return the money to the owner to receive $50, or you can keep the money to yourself.

This brings us to the end of all random events found in Grand Theft Auto V. Please do consider sharing with us if you found anything missing. We always appreciate your feedback! Visit SegmentNext for more help on GTA V.

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