GTA 5 Flight School Training Guide – How To Fly

By   /   Sep 20, 2013

Perform the second loop once its meter appears. This is quite similar to the first.

The final stunt will require you to perform a barrel roll right when half of the loop is completed, meaning you will end up upside down at the horizon if you were to complete the loop.

However, you will need to cancel the loop at the half-way point and perform the roll, and then level off. This may need some practicing if you aren’t used to aircraft controls, but that shouldn’t be the case if you’ve made it this far.

This is a relatively tough lesson because of the final stunt, but hopefully by now you should have enough experience to nullify aircraft instability, allowing you to focus on the maneuvers more. A gold rating chance is higher if you can execute the loops fast and level off quickly.

Helicopter Course
Yes, you’ll be flying a course with a chopper this time around. It’s an immediate jump to an aircraft that handles very differently from airplanes, but it’s nothing you won’t be able to handle.

The plus side of a helicopter is that it is slower and doesn’t require a forward thrust to stay in the air, which gives choppers the ability to hover in the air.

I would still recommend that you fly around in a helicopter for some time before jumping into this lesson, so you can get used to the slightly different controls and the torque and turning concepts.

The altitude for this course will be reasonably high, but you’ll be flying above the busy central part of South Los Santos and occasionally in between bridge gaps.

It’s nothing you shouldn’t be able to handle though.

You start off at the helipad in the airport. Just accelerate to raise the chopper. You can use the rudder of the helicopter to turn it on its vertical axis. If you combine the analog stick movement with the rudder, you will get better precision.

The helicopter can be moved forward by pitch down.

Note that though this is the primary method of increasing the forward velocity of a chopper, it also gradually decreases your altitude. So, it’s important to pull back occasionally and increase the thrust to maintain your average altitude. This is something you should practice prior to participating in the lesson.

There are actually plenty of Under the Bridge challenge bridges that you can come across during this course, but we’ll leave those for later, which you can see in our Under the Bridge Challenge Guide.

Apart from the fact that you fly a helicopter, this course is much easier than Flat Hatting one with the airplane.

Just remember that in order to achieve a Gold rating, you should try and accelerate between the largely distanced rings, which are 14, 15, and 16. They are in a straight line, so you should have no trouble whatsoever as long as you keep an eye on your altitude.

Helicopter Speed Run
This is another course, except that you have to be very fast in your flight.

Hopefully you have gotten the hang of how you can maintain a balance between speed and altitude with a chopper. If not, then practice around before attempting this lesson to ensure a Gold rating.

You begin in flight. The first four checkpoints have good distance between them and are in a large curve, allowing you to fly fast. They all follow the freeway, so you shouldn’t have any trouble navigating whatsoever.

Checkpoint 5 is located at a higher altitude, you might need to slow down, gain altitude, and move forward, which will take some time. Try to make this increase in altitude as quick as possible, and then resume your course.

You will take a sharp turn after the 7th checkpoint, but after that you should go full throttle and pass the lower altitude checkpoint 8; avoid colliding with the bridge.

Make sure you level off properly at the 10th checkpoint to fly smoothly through the next one.

The final set of checkpoints are cramped together and very difficult to maneuver through at fast speed. Make sure you can balance between speed and altitude. You might need to halt altogether and make sharp rudder turns at the final two checkpoints.

The final checkpoint is on the helipad. Decelerate quickly (but not so much that you crash downwards) till you land on the mark.

Sky Diving
Sky diving doesn’t have much to do with flying an aircraft, but it’s a hell lotta fun. This lesson will have you sky diving and landing on a specific target. Also, this is not a timed challenge, so don’t have to try and rush things

You will start off on the plane. Leap out of it when prompted, and steer yourself in the air with the left analog stick. Wee!

The rating of this lesson depends on how close you land to the target. You need to land at a maximum distance of three feet from the target to get the Gold rating. Deploy the parachute with the X (PS3) or A (Xbox 360) button.

Just do it when you feel the need.

The target is on top of the airport parking garage. After pulling the parachute cord, continue circling around the region while you slowly descend.

Make sure you keep the target in sight, and when you are low enough (around 450 feet), activate precision landing mode by pressing RB and LB (Xbox 360) or L2 and R2 (PS3). This will slow your descent and allow for precision controlling.

Lower down and aim at the target with your shoulders till your feet touch it. This should allow you to land on top or very close to the target, guaranteeing a gold rating.

Drop Zone
This is another sky diving lesson, but this time around you will be attempting to land on a dynamic target. There is a truck circling the airport runway, and you will have to land on top of it. Note that this is not timed either, but instead gives points for how close you land to the target.

Jump off the aircraft and let yourself free fall. You should be able to see the highlight of the truck on the ground even from a high altitude. Allow yourself to freely fall close to the ground, and then pull your chute.

Activate precision landing once you are around 400 or so feet from the ground, and steering yourself to intersect the path of the truck.

It is best to fly parallel to the direction of where the truck is handing to make it easier for you to land on the target. Cross landing is very difficult even though the truck is moving slowly.

You should also take care of your speed when you get close to the truck. Allow yourself to speed up by getting out of precision mode to catch up with the truck if required. If you feel you are going to overshoot, reenter precision mode and slightly pull up, and then resume chasing the truck.

Pat yourself on the back if you manage to land exactly on the target.

Earn Your Wings
So, you’re down to your last lesson. Good job. All that you have learned will be put to test in the final lesson. You will be flying a course that flies you over Los Santos and back to the airport, but you will be performing stunts at certain checkpoints.

Yes, you heard me correct, you will be flying around doing while knife and invert maneuvers, so hopefully you have gotten the hang of it by now.

There are three kinds of checkpoints in this flight. The Yellow checkpoints are standard checkpoints that will indicate the direction of the next marker.

The Green checkpoints are those that will require you to perform a knife maneuver while passing through them.

If you don’t manage to do that, you fail. The center of the checkpoint will indicate whether it’s a left knife maneuver or a right one, but you can do either one – it only shows it as a recommendation to make the following checkpoint easier.

The Blue checkpoints are ones which will require you to fly inverted through them. If you can’t do that, you will fail.

The challenging part of the lesson starts at the first green checkpoint, which is the third checkpoint overall. You will need to make a hard left knife, which should allow you to take the sharp turn required to go through the fourth checkpoint in a leveled manner.

The fifth checkpoint is a blue one, so you will need to quickly invert your aircraft. Level off through checkpoint six, and then perform another knife through the seventh one.

The checkpoint recommends a rightward knife, which is true because the next checkpoint is slightly to the right, but you can still get away with a left knife maneuver as well.

The left knife through the tenth checkpoint will allow you to make the sharp turn to the next checkpoint easily. You’ll be flying in between the set of buildings now.

The next difficult challenge comes with the fourteenth checkpoint, which will require a left knife and a hard turn to checkpoint fifteen. The rest of the checkpoints aren’t as difficult – just make sure you do the maneuvers properly.

The last checkpoint is the finish line and you won’t need to land the aircraft. Congratulations, you just finished your final lesson!

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