GTA V Hunting Guide – How To Hunt, All Hunting Challenges, Skills

this GTA V Hunting guide will help you with step-by-step on how to hunt, where to hunt, and all animal locations in Grand Theft Auto V.

Grand Theft Auto V is filled with activities for the players to participate in and hunting is one of them and this GTA V Hunting guide will help you with step-by-step on how to hunt, where to hunt, and all animal locations in Grand Theft Auto V.

It’s time to kill off your empathy, because… well because you’re playing GTA 5, and that’s what you do when you play that game. Now, most of the really pseudo-psycho players playing GTA 5 (and by that I probably mean 95% of them) probably already love Trevor for his brilliantly insane personality and eccentric intelligence, and they’ll want to engage in the activities he can participate in.

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There are a lot of hunting challenges in GTA V that some players will feel to complete them all and this guide will help you with completing these hunting challenges and locating all the animals in the wilderness of Los Santos.

GTA V Hunting

After completing Cletus’ “Fair Game” mission, Trevor can participate in hunting activities any time he wants. All he has to do is initiate it at the hunting trailer in Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness. Once you do that, you are free to shoot around animals without increasing your Wanted level. It’s time to hunt some innocent elk and other cute creatures, and this GTA V hunting guide will help you with it.

You’ll need to enter into the RV, change into hunting clothes, and then get out with the best weapon you can find. There is also a Buggy parked nearby which you can use, but the noise of the engine will scare off the animals, so it’s best to walk and do it the old-fashioned way.

GTA V Hunting Skills
Once you have done the “Target Practice” and “Fair Game” missions, you should try to apply whatever you have learned from Cletus. GTA V tends to simulate some sweet stuff such as wind directions and animal awareness, so you should also consider remaining downwind as suggested in the mission.

Stealth is the overall key to successful hunting, so be sure to get used to walking around in stealth mode and using Elk calls to attract the animals.

How To Hunt
So what you basically have to do when you start off your hunt is attempting to find an animal to kill. Once you have, you need to take a picture of the animal and send it to Cletus, who will then reward you in points and cash based on the quality of the hunt.

The quality of the hunt depends on where you shot the game, and what type of animal it was.

In order to complete the Nature Photographer challenge, you’ll need to do what you will be doing regularly in hunting. After killing the game, take out your phone, select the camera app, and take a picture.

Make sure the picture is proper and the kill is properly visible. Next, press the Send Photo button, and from the contact list select Cletus and confirm.

Once he sees your photo, he will send you an evaluation, highlight three things. The first thing he highlights is where you shot the animal, which itself has specific points. The second is the total points you get, and lastly he will tell you how much money you have earned for the shot.

That’s pretty much how things will work out. There are several variables involved that determine the total amount of money you earn from your game. The first and most important is where you shot the animal.

A shot in the heart is worth the most points. The second is what kind of animal you killed, and the third is how the animal was killed (by which weapon). Also, an animal that is spooked (has detected you) is worth much less points and money than one that is shot unaware.

Why You Should Hunt – The Rewards
Here is how the reward system works:

Worth 2 points and $10.

Worth 5 points and $10.

Worth 5 points and no money. Wanted Level will increase.

Worth 3 points and $50.

Mountain Lion
Worth 5 points and $25.

Spooked Animal
Worth 1 point and $5.

Road Kill
Worth 1 point and $5.

In addition to the animal, the shot location also gives additional points and money.

Heart Shot
Worth 10 points and $100.

Head Shot
Worth 5 points and $50.

Neck Shot
Worth 7 points and $75.

Rear Shot
Worth 2 points and $50.

Leg Shot
Worth 1 point and $50.

However, these values are greatly affected by the type of weapon you use.

%50 of base award.

%100 of base award.

%75 of base award.

%100 of base award.

Machine Gun
%25 of base award.

Sniper Rifle
%100 of base award.

Heavy Weapon
%10 of base award.

Thrown Projectile
%10 of base award.

Hunting Challenges
There are various challenges associated with hunting.

These will require you to do specific things during hunting, such as killing specific kinds of animals, using a specific kind of weapon, or killing a specific amount of animals in quick succession.

These hunting challenges are categorized into three types, namely Weapon Master Challenges, Nature Photographer Challenges, and Master Hunter Challenges. Complete one challenge will progressively lock another in its category.

The challenges are listed below, in the order of their availability. Remember, all challenges are not available at the same time, but instead unlock once the previous challenge in the category is complete.

Weapon Master Challenges:

  • Kill a coyote with a Shotgun
  • Run over a boar
  • Explode a mountain lion with a grenade
  • Kill an elk without looking through the scope
  • Kill any bird with a Sniper Rifle

Natural Photographer Challenges:

  • Take a photo of a spooked elf corpse
  • Take a photo of 2 elk corpses
  • Take a photo of a boar and coyote corpses
  • Take a photo of an elk corpse and a charging cougar (mountain lion)
  • Take a photo of an elk, boar, cougar, and coyote corpses

Master Hunter Challenge:

  • Kill an elk with a heart shot
  • Kill 2 elk in a row without a call
  • Kill 3 elk in a row undetected
  • Kill 5 elk within 4 minutes
  • Kill 5 elk in a row with heart shots

That is all for our GTA V hunting guide with tips on how to 100% complete the hunting challenge and all the animal locations in GTA 5.

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