How To Play Golf in GTA 5

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Another playable sport in GTA 5 is Golf and it’s simply brilliant. I have tried almost all the playable sports in GTA V but Golf is certainly my favorite. Golf can be played either with your ‘dates’ or with any player available at the club.

The amount you will have to pay prior to playing the Golf is $100. Pay this fee and your character will automatically change into the sports suit. However, if one of character buys a Golf Course, he’ll be able to play without changing into a formal uniform.

The playable Golf game in GTA V is based on 9-holes and you’ll come across players of different skills levels. For more help on GTA 5, read our Tennis, Triathlon and Darts Guide.

How To Play Golf in GTA 5

Playing Golf can be unlocked by completing Franklin’s mission, ‘Complications’.

Golf can be played at Los Santos Golf Club. Here is a list of all available Golf players in the game along with the skill level they posses:

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  • Todd Rosenweig – Easy
  • Aaron Ingram – Medium
  • Jeff Miller – Medium
  • Glenn Mather – Hard
  • Castro Lagano – Hard

Just like in real life and every other Golf game out there. You are required to throw the ball in a hole by using minimum number of strokes to score maximum points. The next shot can be taken by simply walking, driving Golf cab or by pressing a button to directly jump to it.

You’re character is almost always the first one to play the first shot except when you’re playing against a player more skilled than yourself.

You can either watch the preview of a shot or directly jump to your own shot. Anyway you like! Please refer to in-game controls to know how to play it.


There are a total of three shots in the game namely; Approach, Normal, and Punch. The approached shot provides you with higher levels of spin and accuracy while the punch shot has a lower radius. As for the normal shot; it’s just a normal shot.

While most of you rely on the normal shots; we’d advise you to use approach shot while in a bunker and punch shot while chipping onto putting green.

The Drive

Before taking the shot, it is always good to see the preview of you shot. Keep an eye out on the weather and the direction of your shot before pulling it off. Keep these factors in mind and make adjustments accordingly.

Also don’t forget to watch out for Swing Meter and the crosshair on top of it. An ideal swing will be the one where you push up the left analogue stick at exactly the same time when your crosshair and Swing Meter touch the Yellow bar.


Before start putting, watch out for the Red areas and the Yellow areas. For your convenience, Red areas are below the ball and Yellow areas are above it. The weather conditions don’t matter much when putting; so aim freely.

Share your own tips on playing Golf with us in the Comment Section below!

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