GTA 5 Triathlon Guide – How To Complete, How To Win

This GTA 5 Triathlon Guide come in to help you step-by-step on how to complete the Triathlon without getting disqualified.

Triathlon is another playable sport in GTA V which is basically a series of physical tests that tend to increase your overall stamina and energy. Any character out of three can participate in these activities. However, in order to unlock these, you will have to complete ‘Fame or Shame’. The sports in Triathlon comprise of swimming, cycling, and running and this GTA 5 Triathlon Guide will help you through all of them.

Tapping the sprint button rapidly will increase your speed but it will also drain you off your stamina. After you completely drain your stamina off, you start to lose your health and will eventually get disqualified and that is where our GTA 5 Triathlon Guide come in to help you step-by-step on how to complete the Triathlon without getting disqualified.

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GTA 5 Triathlon

This GTA 5 Triathlon Guide will detail all there is for the players to understand the dynamics of Triathlon and how to win this event without depleting your stamina and eventually getting disqualified in the Triathlon.

Vespucci Triathlon

Every challenge becomes harder with each successive unlock. Go to Vespucci Beach and walk to the registration desk. Pressing ‘right’ on your D-Pad will start the challenge.

Hold the sprint button to start swimming. You can also tap this button to get you a boost of speed but it will also drain your stamina quicker. At several points, you may think that swimming underneath the water is quicker; don’t do this as it will lead you to your character’s death. Just use the sprint button wisely and reach the beach.

Your stamina will be replenished once you reach the surface.

Once you reach the sand, the swimming portion of the challenge is over and you must dash to the blue icon to get to bicycles.

It really doesn’t matter which bike you choose. You just have to be quick and grab a cycle to begin racing. The racing path is very straightforward and don’t expect to find any shortcuts as there are none. The best tip that I can give you is to stay on the road and don’t even think about getting your cycle in the sand.

Get to the last checkpoint to end the cycling and begin running on foot.

If you haven’t been ahead of your opponents in the last two races, this is your final chance to be ahead of the pack. In this portion of the challenge, you’ll also find several shortcuts to grant you a lead.

Use your running skills and your stamina to reach the finish line before anyone else and win the race. Gold is for gaining the first position, silver is for coming second, and bronze is for coming at third place.

You will get no reward for this as you didn’t pay any fee. You will just unlock the next series of tests in Grapeseed.

Alamo Sea Triathlon

in this section of GTA 5 Triathlon get to the registration desk to begin the challenges.

While swimming in this challenge, it is a very good idea to stick to the left side of the checkpoints. Don’t ask me how?! Just know that it works!

Stick to the left side and keep on doing what you did in the last swimming session. Don’t push your character too hard lest you’ll kill him.

Shortly after finishing the swimming session, you’ll have to run and grab a cycle to begin the next test. It is actually a fun part when you beat your opponent to the cycle he’s planning on getting; forcing him to look for another one; thus, wasting his valuable seconds.

Regardless of the fun factor, this challenge is not easy at all. You may have to drain your character off stamina and a little portion of health to get in the lead.

There are a number of shortcuts along the path which will give you an obvious advantage over your opponents as they don’t tend to utilize them.

After finishing the cycling, you will begin the running on foot.

The running portion is a bit smaller in this challenge and there is not much that we can tell you except for running fast. But that’s just too obvious.

Anyway, we would advise you take on the full sprint shortly before the finish line even if you have to push your character way too hard!

Finish this race to unlock the third and final episode of these challenges that takes place in Coyote Cross Country.

Coyote Cross Country

I can’t stress how wrong you’d be if you think the previous challenges were difficult! This challenge took the best of us at least 40 minutes to complete and they had to take frequent rest breaks. There are a total of 119 checkpoints that you need to go through; so we’d advise you to take a break in-between to catch some breath.

The swimming part of this challenge will test the best of you! The swimming portion is stretched almost to the entire Alamo Ocean and the opponents are way too professional to compete with!

Give it your best shot and try to defeat them here! You can always swim underwater for a short period of time to get in the lead as the friction produced by the oncoming waves is very less.

In this final challenge, cycling covers the largest portion; having almost 78 checkpoints. You will have to cycle all the way from Blaine County to Vinewood, Downtown and then taking a round of almost the entire city.

However, the bigger it is; the more the shortcuts and corners it has. Look closely for loads of opportunities for a shortcut and cutting-edge corner to provide you with some additional seconds that you need to get the lead.

Finish the cycling portion of the challenge to get to the last portion which is running.

I don’t want your time, readers! That’s why I’m already telling you that there are no shortcuts throughout the whole running session which extends from Kortz Center to Northwest.

Your best bet here is to attain the first position in the cycling so that you’re ahead of your opponents. Attaining the first position in cycling is not that hard if you keep an eye out for those shortcuts I mentioned above.

Drink some water, give your thumbs a rest, and jump straight into the race to the finish line to complete this challenge. Your car awaits you in the parking!

That is all for our GTA 5 Triathlon Guide with tips on how to win the event and how to keep your stamina full to win the vent.

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