Saints Row 4 Outfits and Costumes Unlock Guide – How To

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The Saints Row 4 outfits guide will teach you how to unlock all the possible outfits in Saints Row 4 to wear them in open-world and show off your colors roaming in the city.

Some of these outfits will require you to complete certain side-quests for your homies while for others; you will have to pay a little. There are some outfits which will come with the game as a pre-order bonus.

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Saints Row 4 Outfits

Ben King Suit
How to Unlock: This outfit becomes available in your Gateway wardrobe once you complete the ‘Ghost Writing’ side-quest.

C.I.D. Suit
How to Unlock: To get this outfit in your Gateway wardrobe, you must complete C.I.D.’s ‘Obey’ side-quest.

Fun Shaundi’s Suit
How to Unlock: Finish the “Something to Prove” side-quest and Fun Shaundi’s suit will become available in your Gateway wardrobe.

Han Solo Suit
How to Unlock: First you will need to go to your ‘Nobody Loves Me’ clothing store in Ashwood, Steelport and go to the outfits section. Buy the Puckish Rogue Outfit to dress up like Han Solo.

Jengo Fett Outfit
How to Unlock: Go to the New Baranec, Steelport and go the Let’s Pretend clothing store you own there. Go to the Outfits section and buy the Ransom Collector outfit to dress up like Jengo Fett.

Matt Miller Suit
How to Unlock: This outfit will become available in your Gateway wardrobe once you complete ‘The Pledge’ side-quest by Matt Miller.

Mech Suit
How to Unlock: Although technically a vehicle, this suit becomes available when you complete ‘Mech Suit Mayhem’ side-quest. The suit can be accessed anytime via your phone. This will allow you to use the suit for a while.

Minecraft Head Suit
How to Unlock: Go to any Let’s Pretend store you own and go to Hats section and buy the ‘Block Head’ for as low as $75.

Roddy Suit
How to Unlock: To get this outfit in your Gateway wardrobe, you must complete ‘The Simulation Recognize’ side-quest.

The Iron Rogue
How to Unlock: This outfit ‘Superman Costumes’ comes as a free costume IF you have have pre-ordered the game. It is available at selected retailers. Get this iron suit and be the Dr. Doom.

Uncle Sam Uniform
How to Unlock: This costumes comes free as ‘The Commander in Chief Edition’ bonus with pre-ordered edition.

Queen Amazonia
How to Unlock: This outfit ‘Super Costumes’ becomes available with the pre-order bonus DLC. Put this on to get a feel of legendary Wonder Woman.

We will keep on adding more outfits as we would discover them! In the mean time, if you know where to find Toilet Seat and Blowup Doll to play. Do remember to let us know in the Comment Section below!

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