Resident Evil 6 Boss Battle Guide – Tips and Strategy

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The orange bulbs on Derek’s back can be shot to inflict a lot of damage. This is the prime time to unload your entire arsenal of Magnum rounds, but other weapons such as the shotgun and machinegun also work fine. Repeat the Lightning Rod treatment a couple of times until you are able to escape and dash to the heliport.

Search around the Heli and you will be very happy to find a Rocket Launcher. Aim it at Derek’s head when you see him again, and you’ve completed Leon’s Campaign.

Chris’ Campaign

Location. Found near the start of Chapter 2: Drama in Edonia

Alright, this fight can be won in two ways. Either you just survive for five minutes, at which point reinforcements arrive. Alternatively, you can kill the dude. If you pick the latter, you need to damage him until he leans over against the building in pain.

When this happens, you need to quickly run up, climb onto him, and complete the quick-time event This might take a couple of tries, and every time you fail the thing will grab you and squeeze, so either wriggle free with the quick-time event to shoot him in the face to make him drop you.

The Ogroman has a number of attacks he’ll use to try to kill you. The first is called ‘Striding Swipes’. In this Ogroman walks along the road with its arms swinging by its side, hitting everything nearby. ‘Stomp’ will make you stagger and take a bit of damage if you are anywhere nearby him when he does this.

The ‘Pick-Up’ attack involves him picking you up and squeezing you for a good amount of damage. Complete the quick-time or shoot him in the face to escape. His ‘Punch’ does exactly what it says, and is rather east to avoid due to the long windup. ‘Bile’, Shooting Ogroman in the crotch will cause bile to spill out. The only way you’ll get his by this is if you stand directly below it.

While you fight the behemoth, keep in mind its weak areas; you can shoot it in the mouth, at the large growth on its neck and finally, its crotch. If you want a clear shot at the growth, get in the building on the right side of the streets via a flight of stairs.

Location. Found in the middle of Chapter 3: The B.O.W Chase

Iluzija is a giant snake B.O.W you see right in the beginning of the chapter but don’t face until a bit later. It has active camouflage on the outside of its body (this means you can see it when it opens its mouth). Besides that there are a few ways to find and hurt it.

Firstly, your laser sight from your gun will distort when aimed through the snake, making it easier to spot. Secondly, it knocks over debris as it passes through, though this method becomes less reliable as the fight progresses and there’s less rubbish for it to knock down.

When hurt, the snake will become visible and look to snap its jaws at you. Shoot its mouth as this is its weak spot. Iluzija will also try to wrap you up squeeze the life out of you. When this happens, complete the quick-time event quickly or get your partner to free you or its game over.

The fight will shift into one of the other rooms if either the snake takes too much damage, or you start to run out of ammo. If this happens, crawl through the small vents on the floor connecting the rooms (be aware that the snake can appear here and attack) and in the new room, you can grab more ammo from the boxes.

Eventually, you’ll drive the snake back into its lair. It will endlessly circle the square arena, and you’ll notice a puddle with electricity sparks along the way. There’s a lever up and above it. Pull the lever as the snake passes through to kill it.

Location. Found near the beginning of Chapter 5: Underwater Facility

After you and your partners flip four switches, you will see a short cutscene after which there is a chase sequence. Rush up the ladder and dash over the catwalk until you can boost Piers up. Quickly tell him to pull Chris up as well, and proceed onwards.

Jump off the platform and unload on the creature. Now sprint over the catwalk, slide underneath the obstacle at the end and climb the next catwalk. Keep heading upwards and into the double doors and Haos will reappear. You have to alternate between sliding under the closing doors and shooting the creature when it attacks you, so it moves its hands out the way.

In the next section, if playing as Chris, you need to wait for Piers to do his thing. When you try to open the door, Haos will come back to life. Shoot it until it’s cocooned, and you’ll notice a big bulge on its back. Shoot that and get close while it’s thrashing about to stab its heart.

You have to repeat this pattern until it dies but during the last repetition, Chris is hurled away, putting him into ‘dying’ status while Piers struggles with the creature for the last hit. Quickly crawl towards the boss and use the partner command to deliver the final blow. You’ve just completed the Chris Campaign.

Jake’s Campaign

Location. Found in Chapter 1: Escape from Ustanak

Ustanak isn’t as difficult a battle as it might seem at first. You just need to keep a sharp eye out as most of his attacks –while damaging- can be pretty easily avoided. Ustanak’s most powerful attack is Dash Ram.

Whenever you’re fairly far away from him yet in clear sight, Ustanak will charge at you and slam you into a wall. This is an almost guaranteed down, so avoid it at any cost. His Surgery Grapple can be initiated in two ways, at a short and long range. You know he’s preparing this attack when his arm device opens up.

At short range, he’ll try to grab you with that arm, which you can prevent by moving towards the side of Ustanak or by ducking. His long range variant drags you in his grip from a long distance. If caught, you’ll have to complete a QTE to escape. Alternatively your party member can move in and perform a melee attack on Ustanak to free you.

Ustanak’s kick attack is a short-range attack and isn’t very dangerous. You’ll want to avoid getting too close to Ustanak to prevent him from hitting you with it. Similarly, his one-arm punch is also a close-range attack that’s fairly easy to dodge.

Finally, we have his Smash. A powerful short-range attack, Ustanak lifts both of his arms and smashes them into the floor (While you’re standing on it). Try not to experience this.

The strategy we’re going to use is fairly simple. Run the hell away, and lure him to explosive barrels you can blow up in his face. There are six explosive barrels on the ground level and five on the upper walkway, which is more than enough to defeat Ustanak.

If you miss a couple of barrels, keep in mind that you can still defeat him with good old-fashioned lead. Try to aim for the head, and avoid shooting the metal arm as it takes less damage as compared to the rest of his body.

Some J’avo will appear from the ropes hanging from the ceiling, but don’t be distracted by them as they actually do very little. The biggest threat they pose is by attracting your attention while Ustanak prepares to charge you.

Location. Found in Chapter 4: Learning the Truth
You encounter Ustanak again, this time alongside your partner, Leon and Helena. As a result, the fight is a 4v1. However, Ustanak is capable of occasionally snaring your friends, when this happens, approach them and press the partner button to help them out.

Ustanak has a fair number of attacks; ‘Kick’ is just a basic short-range attack that isn’t really much to worry about, just stay at a distance, and you can go the entire fight without seeing this even once. Watch out for when he switches to his grenade launcher, as his Grenade Blasts can really hurt. Try to stay mobile.

Ustanak has four attacks he can use to take you out of the fight temporarily. His ‘Grab/Throw’ attack will pick up one of your allies and throw him at another, knocking them both down. His ‘Foot Crush’ will trap you under his foot for a few moments, which is then followed up with his kick.

Watch out for his ‘Claw Grapple’ as this will snare you with his claw arm for a short time until you can wriggle loose or are freed by someone else. Finally, ‘Encapsulate’ will see him snatch one among your party and stuff them into the capsule on his back. You will not be able to break free, and this will last throughout the fight unless one of your allies frees you.

As soon as the fight begins, take note of a number of explosive crates around this area. Make sure to use these properly and as soon as possible, as they make the fight a lot easier.

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