Resident Evil 6 Boss Battle Guide – Tips and Strategy

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Epic Boss fights are one of the iconic features of the Resident Evil series, and the latest entry in the franchise keeps up the tradition with several challenging and lengthy battles. With that in mind, we have compiled this guide to help you defeat all the ferocious zombie monsters of the game.

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Leon’s Campaign

Mutated Deborah
Location. Found at the end of Chapter 2: Cemetery and Cathedral

Deborah is the first boss you face in Leon’s campaign and there are some things you need to know to defeat her. She has three main attacks; the first is called ‘Breast Caress Strike’ in which she jumps at you from a higher level and tries to impale you with the weird things on her back, complete the quick time event to grab the thing and shove it into her own abdomen.

The second attack is called ‘Claw Swing’, it’s pretty obvious what this does; she will basically just swing one of her claws at you horizontally. The final attack of note is the ‘360 Spin Attack’, here Deborah will jump into the air and land near you while slashing her claws around. Watch out for this attack as it’s got a pretty significant range.

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Just as you begin the fight, unload a few rounds into her to trigger a scene. Once the scene is over, you will arrive in a new area. Be mindful of her attacks as the fight resumes and try to aim for the orange mutated parts on her body as they are her vulnerable spots. There are also a few explosive barrels around here but only shoot these when Deborah is near them, or it’s just a waste.

A few zombies will spawn every now and then, kill them if they get in your way but focus mostly on Deborah. Keep in mind that they drop ammo. After this small fight, you will board a mine cart where you fight Deborah once more. Make sure to duck at the proper intervals and shoot whatever debris is on the tracks before you crash. The fight ends after a couple more cut scenes.

Location. Found at the end of Chapter 4: The Simmons Investigation

You encounter Ustanak alongside your partner, Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin after the incident with the airplane and the Lepotitsa. As a result, the fight is a 4v1. However, Ustanak is capable of occasionally snaring your friends, when this happens, approach them and press the partner button to help them out.

Ustanak has a fair number of attacks; ‘Kick’ is just a basic short-range attack that isn’t really much to worry about, just stay at a distance, and you can go the entire fight without seeing this even once. Watch out for when he switches to his grenade launcher, as his Grenade Blasts can really hurt. Try to stay mobile.

Ustanak has four attacks he can use to take you out of the fight temporarily. His ‘Grab/Throw’ attack will pick up one of your allies and throw him at another, knocking them both down. His ‘Foot Crush’ will trap you under his foot for a few moments, which is then followed up with his kick.

Watch out for his ‘Claw Grapple’ as this will snare you with his claw arm for a short time until you can wriggle loose or are freed by someone else. Finally, ‘Encapsulate’ will see him snatch one among your party and stuff them into the capsule on his back. You will not be able to break free, and this will last throughout the fight unless one of your allies frees you.

As soon as the fight begins, take note of a number of explosive crates around this area. Make sure to use these properly and as soon as possible, as they make the fight a lot easier.

First of all, lower the forklift in the area and use it to get to the top of the nearby containers where you’ll find two crates with explosives inside them; you can push down.

Across from the forklift is a ladder that takes you to the top of another set of containers where there is another box with TNT inside. From here you can jump to another container that has some wooden crates with goodies inside.

When Ustanak’s health gets low enough ho retreats temporarily, there is a short lull in which your party splits up. You’ll encounter him again before long, and he’ll use more of the attacks I listed above.

Near the truck, you’ll find some more wooden crates with stuff inside, but look around, and you’ll see another forklift that can be used to access four more explosive crates. You can also jump over to the cage which houses another wooden crate on top of it, as well as another explosive crate.

After you’ve damaged Ustanak enough, he will swap his grenade launcher for a spare claw. Damage him more and he’ll amputate the claw and all he can do now are normal Grab/Throws and his kick.

Mutated Derek Simmons
Location. Found in Chapter 5: City under Attack

You should notice various fuel tanks strewn around the area. Lure Derek towards these and then shoot them to injure him. Once you have exhausted all three, plant remote bombs near the obelisks and then lure Derek over to them while taking cover from the explosion.

When He takes a chunk of damage, Derek will revert back to his human form. Dash at him and hurt him more to make him kneel, then press the melee button for a special type of melee.

After the fight, when cutscene plays, you must get into a vehicle and use its mounted weapons to fight Derek further. More cutscenes and eventually the fight moves to the roof with Simmons in his final form.

Be aware that there are a couple of zombies wandering around here that Derek will eat to recover his health. You’ll notice a lightning rod nearby, impale a zombie with it and then watch what happens when Derek tries to eat the zombie.

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