Resident Evil 6 Weapons Locations Guide – How To Find

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Piers’s default weapon is a fire-arm with an enlarged clip size, and has the capability to either fire single shots or go fully automatic. However, it lacks the fire-power of other automatic weapons.

Anti-Material Rifle
This is a Sniper Rifle; holds 10 rounds. Piers’s special sniper rifle has a Nightscope, and the ability to penetrate through all enemies.

Weapons You Can Find in Chris Redfield’s and Pier’s Campaign

Assault Shotgun
This is a Shotgun; holds 7 rounds. The Assault Shotgun is found in Chapter 2 in Edonia’s City Hall.

Grenade Launcher
The Grenade Launcher can hold 6 grenade rounds. This weapon is found in Chapter 3 straight ahead of the gate you enter to the place where you fight the chopper for the second time.

Semi Automatic Sniper
This is found in Chris’s campaign in Chapter 4. At the start of the facility, you should check the store room to the left of the area where you begin.

Jake Muller’s and Sherry Birkin’s Campaign

Jake Muller

Jake’s CQC abilities make him effective against foes in close-quarters. His moves can be powered up to do more damage.

The 909 is the signature default weapon of RE6. The handgun has decent accuracy and fires as fast as the trigger can be pulled.

Sherry Birkin

Triple Shot
This is a handgun used by Sherry that can do single shots or 3-round bursts.

Stun Rod
This melee weapon can shock foes in close-range. The second strike can do multiple hits. Like Jake, Sherry can charge up this weapon to do more damage.

Weapons You Can Find in Jake Muller’s and Sherry Birkin’s Campaign

Elephant Killer
The weapon is a powerful Magnum handgun; holds 5 rounds. You know a weapon is badass when its name is Elephant Killer.

This extremely lethal Magnum handgun can be found in Chapter 1. There is a large room with explosive barrels, and on the second floor is a storage room with this weapon.

Sniper Rifle
The Sniper Rifle can be found in Chapter 2 in the area where you search for the data drives.

Bear Commander
The Bear Commander is an assault rifle that greatly resembles the M4 Carbine. In addition to its automatic firing, it has a secondary fire mode that its grenade launcher attachment.

In Chapter 3, when you are in the room with the rotating Buddhas, locate 16 medallions. You can pickup many from enemies, and 8 are already located there. This will open a door in the northern region. Go through to get the weapon.

This is an 8-round shotgun. It can be found in Chapter 4. After going through the small courtyard and using the the team-door to go to a balcony. Go down to the street from the balcony and you should spot the shotgun.

Ada Wong’s Campaign

Ammo Box
Yep, you read right. This is a Handgun weapon that helps in saving space in your inventory by ‘storing’ ammunition because it has a whopping 50 round magazine capacity!

However, it is relatively less accurate than her previous classic MAC M11.

Ada’s classical Crossbow comes back, and it can have a variety of different bolts/quarrels. Secondary fire will toggle the ammo type, but be careful since it can only hold 1 bolt at a time.

Weapons You Can Find in Ada Wong’s Campaign

Assault Shotgun
This shotgun is found in the first Chapter, on a workbench after dropping down the first hole.

Sniper Rifle
This is found in Chapter 2. In the room locked by the Amber Key, it will ask you to ‘solve a puzzle’ and leave this rifle there.

Bear Commander
The Bear Commander can be found for Ada in Chapter 4. After picking up the first three passcodes, you will have the option to enter 2 suites. One of them has the officer’s corpse on the table, and next to it is the weapon.

If you come across any other weapon that we have missed, share with us by commenting below!

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