Torchlight 2 Enchanters Locations Guide – Enchanting Tips

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Enchanting may not be a new concept, but its significance to enhance the capabilities of various items like the weapons and armor cannot be ignored in the role-playing genre. Torchlight 2 has also a system through which players can enchant their equipment to boost the performance and have the tactical advantage.

If you have been looking for these enchants in Torchlight 2, then read this guide, but before I point out the locations of these enchanters you seek, let’s discuss the conditions related to them.

Each item will be able to use a limited number (2 usually but there are some exceptions) of enchants. You can find different NPCs in the world of Torchlight 2 who will serve the purpose of enchanters. It’s not that every enchanter will do the same function so you will have to explore the world a bit if you are looking for any special enchant.

Once an item is enchanted, it cannot be automatically removed, and if you want to remove it, you will have to see a Master enchanter and pay him a small price to get the work done. You should also know that only those enchantments can be removed, which were applied, the default stats of the items won’t be affected.

Note: Some of the enchanters spawn randomly at different places so if you manage to find them at any other place than the ones mentioned below, share with us in the comments.

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Torchlight 2 Enchanters Locations

Apprentice Enchanter Malo (Standard)
Maximum Enchantments: 1
Location: You will find him in the Estherian Enclave after being rescued from the Slavers’ Den.

Rufio the Enchanter (Standard)
Maximum Enchantments: 2
Location: You will find it in Zeryphesh.

Vaneez the Poisoner (Poison Enchantments)
Maximum Enchantments: 2
Location: You will find him in the Ship Graveyard (Salt Barrens).

Mooritz of the Desert (Fire Enchantments)
Maximum Enchantments: 3
Location: You can find it at multiple places; Floor 1 of the Bone Gallery, Floor 2 of the Forsaken Vaults and the Floor 1 of Mapworks scroll at level 55-65.

Filip the Lucky (Luck Enchantments)
Maximum Enchantments: 3
Location: Random

Farquez the Assassin (Poison Enchantments)
Maximum Enchantments: 3
Location: Farquez can be found at the Crows’ Pass

Garbahd the Enchanter (Multi Purpose)
Maximum Enchantments: 2
Location: In the Sundered Battlefield (Elemental Oasis Level 2)

Jurick the Socketer (Adds Sockets to Items)
Maximum Enchantments (Sockets): 2
Location: You can find the enchanter at various places like Fungal Caves (Middenmine) 1st Floor, Frost Bitten Chasm Floor 1 and the 2nd Floor of the Forsaken Vaults.

Borris the Stout (Standard)
Maximum Enchantments: 3
Location: You can find the enchanter at the following locations:

  • Cursed Tombs (First Floor)
  • Mapworks Scroll (48-55)
  • Level 2 (The Forsaken Vault)

Telsor of the Storm (Electricity Enchanter)
Maximum Enchantments: 3
Location: You can find in the floor of the Ruined Temple or on the second floor of the Cursed Tombs.

Fondo the Master (Has Every Enchantment)
Maximum Enchantments: 3
Location: Unfortunately, there is no fixed place for the master so you will have to explore harder and trust your luck.

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  • Token

    I always find Jurick the socketer in One-Eye Willys cave.

  • Juggie

    uhm… i found this enchanter i forgot him name.. but he enchants with attributes… i find him very very very useful… enchancing your stats.. 😀

  • Caddy

    all enchanters seem to have a random 30% chance to spawn in any dungeon but some show up in certain ones in certain area’s more frequently, Boris the Stout for example, shows up more frequently in Torochs Rift Dungeon in Ossean Wastelands; Zerephesh location compared to any other enchanters but still only has a 30% chance to appear, and the Grandmaster only has a 10% chance to show up when you enter a dungeon but his appearance is completely random in all locations, and all elemental enchanters enchant defense and attack bonuses to elements as well as chances to cause over-time damage and also have a very low chance of enchanting powerful spells such as thunder, acid rain and Meteor (I’ve never had the ice spell so i don’t know what it’s called)

  • Denver

    Where else can u find boris the stout?

  • sojinn

    I’ve found that each enchanter is random every map you do.

    Though Vaneez is always in the graveyard thankfully

  • b4card

    found jurick on 1st floor of shadowy crevasse

  • Sharpe

    Can you tell us what exactly the enchanters can imbue?

    I’m guessing Filip the Lucky adds magic find?

    What are Telsor of the Storm’s and Mooritz of the Desert’s enchantments? Just flat fire/electric damage (how much?), or does he add fire/electric-style spells (which ones)?


    • thaghost

      Filip the Lucky does magic find, gold find, and experience enchants. I found him not too far from Zarephath, Too bad he’s random on other games though.

  • qwerty

    hello, there is a karkozi the all-powerful enchanter whom i encountered at floor 1 of the stygian aerie with my lvl 22 outlander. he disenchants for free.

    • Dion

      Damn i’ve been looking for him all over the place! Thanks for the tip. Also, he’s the ONLY grandmaster, and provides up to the 4th enchantment.