Skyrim Hearthfire Guide – How To Build a House

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You enjoyed Dawnguard, right? It’s time that you have some household experience in Skyrim as the second DLC for the game is all about building houses.

Do you want to build a house? Of course, you do. If you need help building a house of your dreams in a game of your dreams, refer to this guide for everything you will need to build that house. For more help on building houses, read our Building Materials Locations Guide.

Steps to Build a House in Skyrim: Hearthfire

1# You Need a Plot (Buy One)
Of course, you can’t build a house in air so the first thing you are going to need is a place (a plot) where you can start the construction.

If you have the Hearthfire DLC installed, you will soon get a letter asking you to meet Steward of Falkreath, who deals in land purchase and sale. You can find the concerned places at the following places:
Falkreath Hold: Falkreath City (Tekla, Jarl’s Longhouse)
The Pale Hold: Dawnstar
Hjaalmarch Hold: Morthal (Aslfur)

2# Draw a Map for your House
So you have the land. Next, you need to decide what sort of house you need to build. You can make use of the new ‘Drafting Table’ and the Carpenters bench.

You will be making a layout room by room and choosing the materials to be used for your house. The process is not much different from crafting different items.

3# Types of Rooms
You will start up the basic room structures as bedroom, kitchen or library. You can also choose to build specialized rooms like a laboratory or an enchantress tower where you can craft or enchant your items.

After making the primary room layout, you can then furnish them with a variety of items that you have crafted or collected throughout your adventure in the game. It’s a total show off.

4# Start the Construction
If you are building the house for the first time, I will recommend that you hire a steward who will do all the furnishing for you. You will have to buy the materials and after the house is complete, you can move in quickly.

5# Move in Your Family
Alright, you have the house now. Shall it remain without your better half (in the game of course)? So, you may want to move in your spouse. You will get the option in the dialogue. Similarly, you can also adopt children and let them live in your new home.

That’s it. Five simple steps to create a personal home in Skyrim: Hearthfire. If you have anything to share, let us know in the comments below.

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  • Bds

    I downloaded the DLC about a week ago and have been playing nonstop and still havnt gotten any letter.

  • Padrino101

    Big problem?

    So I bought and the land in flakreath and built the manor to its full potential with out any trouble, now I’ve become the thane of morthal and property wa given to me? I kinda skipped what the jaral was saying and I can’t talk to her anymore and no money was taken from me. The land wa not marked and there’s no chest on it. So I thought I would jus go buy the other property from the dawn star jaral but he doesn’t even give me the option?!!

  • Fyriaan

    I got a mayor bug I think…
    I bought the three lands, but here is the problem.
    1# I can use the recipe for the parts, but that get stuck when you start making the wings and nothing stands yet.
    2# The second land I can make the wings but the main part doesnt show up and so I have only the wings.
    3# This house is already there without doing anything, but I can’t excess the house neither change it.

  • Logan

    well ashley you dont sell a room if you have the cheapest house in white run just give up your acleamy lab and make the childs bed room there. you can do this with other houses to but it will remove something diffrent than the acleamy lab like the enchanting room or something like that. if you dont want to do that then build a house which is quite easy.

  • Alex

    Do you have to be a Thane to be able to build a house?

  • wes

    Can you build more then one house? I build the one you get from morthar to it’s full size with all the furnishings and would like to build another with a different design without having to loose any game progress.

  • Jacob

    I can’t move my family into my new house. Help?

    • Ali Asif

      and why is that? Did you talk to the spouse or adapted any children?

      • kml

        im having the same problem. im not married but i adopted the girl in whiterun and my lakeview manor is finished but everytime i click its time to move it only give me the nevermind lets stay here i was able to make my housecarl my steward and she lives there but i cant get my kid to move in

  • Ashley

    So I have two homes I bought before the dlc.. So I built my home and want a kid but it keeps saying I need another room. What am I supposed to do if I caint sell any of my homes because I really want the achievment.. Please writ back anyone.. :)

    • Kasey

      You can add a room to the homes you had previously by talking to the steward in the town of wherever your home is. They have a new decoration upgrade that was added in hearthfire. However, if you want the kid to move into the house you built, he/she will need their own bed and a chest, dressor or wardrobe of their own.

    • Ronnie96258

      You need a room a child’s bed a dresser and chest for the child to move them