Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer Strategy Guide

By   /   Nov 14, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops features extensive multiplayer experience after you get out of the awesomeness of the most engaging singleplayer storyline. If you are new to Call of Duty franchise or an average FPS fan, you can read the following Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer Strategy Guide to get your basics right.

The Basics

These are the basics that will improve your overall understanding of the game if you are new to Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer. If you are a Call of Duty franchise follower, Skip to next section.

Tip #1. Train yourself. Put Training Ground to good use and try different weapons against AI bots and see which weapon suits you. You can use the maps, increase the AI difficulty and learn the weapon/perk combination, the advantages and disadvantages associated with each choice.

Tip #2. The game is new, but you will come across people with sick aims. These are guys you need to avoid right now but how ? get your ass in cover but don’t camp. Move from place to place, and always make sure you have something solid behind you so that you can focus upfront. Kill one, move to next spot and so on.

Tip #3. Communicate, if you are playing team based game like search and destroy, which requires tactical knowledge of the opponents every round. Share your thoughts, get feedback, listen to what your team says.

Just don’t be an individual in seek of kills – score, dying randomly off nades. In team based games, spawn points are very important especially in Search and Destroy, Only Rush if you have the top spawn. Otherwise, its best to wait for the nades, or change the route, cut them from the middle or flank them.

Tip #4. Keep trying different combinations as you are leveling up, try different guns, don’t stick to one gun, just because everyone else is using the same gun. It’s better to try every gun right now, and see what type of gameplay and gun suits you.

Tip #5. Patience is something you will learn as the time passes, but still, try to be patient. It’s always best to take a clear shot, if you know you can’t take a clear shot, just wait for the enemy to come in sight for the clear shot. The whole point of this fuss is that you don’t stupidly give your position away in an attempt to kill a running opponent.

Tip #6. Revenge is sweet, but don’t go mad at someone just because he fragged you once. Focus on the original game plan. There are probably half a dozen other guys you can frag, so why bother ?

Tip #6. Choose Killstreak Rewards wisely. If you know you won’t be able to get dozen kills, then don’t equip a reward that requires that many kills. You need a Killstreak Reward, doesn’t matter if its a lower level. Also as you are to do with guns, keep trying different Killstreaks and Rewards, and see what works best for you.

Tip #7. Take Cover. There are tons of things you can use to take cover, and hide behind. Learn how can you move from cover to cover. You can also take advantage of the spawn patterns but that would be too much for you at this stage of the game. Always get yourself behind hard cover, not something that is easily penetrable.

Tip #9. Take Cover, and Reload. Don’t Reload, while moving, you will die miserably and won’t even have a chance to react.

Tip #10. Use the Mini map. OH you knew that ? use it to your advantage. Red Dots on Mini-map are your enemies engaged in firefights. Now, that you know there location, why not finish them off. If you find a cluster of the enemies, try to flank and go for a safe route.

Tip #11. How you get fragged mostly ? ask this question to yourself and try not to. Try to keep your deaths below 10, it helps.

Playing Styles

There are several types of gameplay styles people have when it comes to FPS games. Run-and-Gun, the most famous and Camping, the most hated.

Been doing that almost since my first First Person Shooter game. It involves constant search for opposing players and killing them, you keep moving all the time, hence Run-and-Gun. If you want to keep your deaths to minimum, this gameplay style isn’t for you. On a good day, you get the most kills, and on a bad day, the most deaths.

For those who like to rush, and attack, should opt for Run-and-Gun from the start, but keep in mind, it doesn’t mean you keep running all the time. You can really camp at opposite spawn if you happen to reach there early in the round. You can wreck havoc this way, just don’t be stupid and loose your advantageous position.

Initial Rush is the most important aspect in this gameplay style. Your focus should be on your initial burst, and reach the strategic spot of the map before the opposing attackers. Kill the opposing attackers and try to sneak into the opposite spawn, and then be patient and pick your opponents nice and easy.

If you are Snipe, know the maps, know the spots, and be patient. Patience is important, you only got one shot and you need to pull it off accurately. Go for accuracy during your initial phase. During early phase, you may only be killing opposing Snipers, and Campers, but after sometime you will start picking up moving targets and may start attacking with sniper. You can refer to Our Basic Sniping Tips for more.

Gameplay style I hate the most, they are silent, no footsteps noise, probably will use silencer to suppress the gun, and come close to campers. You need one Stealth guy in your team, it helps, these are the guys that pop out of anywhere, they move slow, sneak in behind enemy lines and you can’t even spot them, because of the holy Silencer. If this is your style of play, you know now, what you need to do.

As I said, the most hated gameplay style. Why is this the most hated gameplay style ? because these guys have the ability to pop out of the rather absurd spots. They can be found lying on the ground on a common alley, on stairs, and in the room corners.

They move less, but can make life miserable for everyone, even if they don’t kill you. If you are to camp, find the spot that gets most traffic, and blast every enemy that comes in your line of sight.

People will hate you though, but campers are more like defenders and in team-based matches, you need at least 2 defenders. By time, you will refine your camping skills, and learn to move, and everything will be fine. Campers learn the game fast by the way.

Mixed Style
Its your own unique approach to the game, that basically will be hybrid of the above gameplay styles.

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