Call of Duty: Black Ops Perks Guide – Perks Tier List, Effects

In our Call of Duty: Black Ops Perks Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about Perks Tier List and some of the best Perks in the game.

There are 15 perks to choose from in Call of Duty: Black Ops. These perks are divided into three slots so that each player can have three of them at a time. You can purchase these perks by COD Points once you have reached Level 4. The Pro Versions (just like in Modern Warfare 2) can be unlocked by completing their challenges.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Perks

These are focused on increasing your chances for survival by letting you hide better. They provide support and can be found in Slot 1. This slot is for the selection of the appearance of your multiplayer character. It includes the following types:

1. Light Weight
It is recommended that you use SMG with this perk as this class provides you better agility and you can run faster as compared to other forms.

Pro Ability
You can fire faster after sprinting and take no fall damage. This allows extra mobility around the map.

2. Scavenger
You should use this perk with the guns that run out of ammo quickly as this perk will restore your ammo once it is finished. Your ammo will be restored once you pass over the blue bags dropped by dead enemies.

Pro Ability
You have double ammo from the start. You can unleash as much firepower as you want and will never run out. Even Tactical Grenades are replenished by this.

3. Ghost
You can use this perk for stealth purposes as you won’t be spotted until you fire with a weapon that does not have a silencer. This keeps you from showing up on UAVs and that is very useful as players tend to check their radars often.

You can take advantage of this element of surprise to sneak kill your foes. However, you will visible through an infrared scope and you won’t be protected from motion sensors and air support.

Pro Ability
Enemies that target you won’t be able to see your name or a red cross-hair. You’re also undetectable by air support, IR scopes, and sentry guns.

4. Flak Jacket
This perk makes you explosive resistant. You can resist indirect explosive attacks so that Grenades and Rockets don’t instantly kill you when you’re trying to take the objective.

Pro Ability
You stand a better chance of surviving Napalm strikes and flamethrower attacks because the bonus resistance to fire this offers. Picking up a grenade causes the fuse to reset so that you can throw it back safely.

5. Hardline
This perk reduces each killstreak requirement by 1, so your 3-kill spy plane only takes 2 kills to earn.

Pro Ability
Allows you to choose from the Care Package weapons. You can try again if you don’t need a Spy Plane by simply double-tapping the button to get a different random killstreak.

This works with any box such as Sam Turret, Sentry Gun, or Care Package. You can change your team and your own Care Package this way.

Tier 2 Perks

Tier 1 perks are focused on a good defense while Tier 2 ones are all about having a powerful offense.

Bonuses such as better accuracy, quicker reloading, and stronger bullet penetration are found in Slot 2, which exists for the purpose of improving your gun’s abilities.

1. Hardened
This perk improves your chances of killing foes through walls by improving bullet penetration. The stronger the bullet, the more likely it is to break through that concrete and head to its intended target.

Pro Ability
This includes a steadier aim and the ability to inflict greater bullet damage to air support. This allows you to shoot down things without rockets and without flinching.

2. Scout
You can hold your breath for a longer period of time for a steady aim while using weapons like snipers.

Pro Ability
You can switch from your primary weapon to your sidearm much more quickly so that you don’t have to waste time reloading in the middle of a fight.

3. Steady Aim
It increases hip-fire accuracy. So if you are reluctant to use sight view, you are going to need this perk.

Pro Ability
You can aim faster while sprinting and are much quicker at recovering from Knife lunging.

4. Sleight of Hand
Reduces the reload time hence guns can be reloaded faster. Rushers and shotgunners are recommended to use this perk.

Pro Ability
Allows you to aim down the sight faster than normal. Doesn’t apply to Sniper rifles.

5. Warlord
Through this perk, you can use two attachments with your primary weapon. A silencer with red dot sight can be useful with this perk.

Pro Ability
You can now carry two frags, Semtex, Smokes, or Nova Gas

Tier 3 Perks

These are focused around support, movement, and revenge and are found in slot 3, which accommodates some random abilities.

1. Marathon
This increases your sprint time so that you can run for longer periods. It is especially useful when you want to reach an advantageous location before your enemy does.

Pro Ability
Unlimited sprinting.

2. Ninja Pro
You can sneak up on your enemies easier because they can’t hear your footsteps while you walk or run.

Pro Ability
You can hear enemies much louder than you could before so they have less of a chance of catching you off guard.

3. Second Chance
Just like “Last Stand” in COD 4, once you get shot down; this perk provides you with a 10-second window on the ground to take down some enemies with your pistol. If you don’t get killed, you will die automatically after 10 seconds.

Pro Ability
You stay alive longer and can revive your teammates.

4. Hacker
You can see enemies’ explosives, tactical insertions, and equipment through this perk. This makes it prime for acts of sabotage.

Pro Ability
You can turn enemy killstreaks into friendly and also can covert the enemy Care packages into traps. You also become invisible to motion sensors.

5. Tactical Mask
This perk is unlocked at the start of the game and it protects you from Nova Gas.

Pro Ability
This reduces the effects of flashbangs and concussion grenades on you. Plus it has the added bonus of putting stunned enemies on the map for you to finish off.

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