Red Dead Redemption Tips Tricks, Exploits and Workarounds

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Since there is a lot to find out in Red Dead Redemption, we have come again with another Red Dead Redemption guide, which will conclude our Red Dead Redemption guide series. It includes exploits that can be used in the game, tips tricks, that will help you improve different aspects in the game and also workarounds to make your life a bit easier. Yeah! we have also got few fixes.

Red Dead Redemption – Treasure Hunter Tips
The Treasure Hunter challenges are automatically started once you kill few of the bandits. Once the challenge is started, a map is displayed which helps you to get the first treasure.

You will be able to find Gold, Weapons and Money as treasure. In total there are 9 treasures you can find. Once you complete a treasure, you will be given the next until you get all of them.

The player obtains the first treasure map from a random event of a treasure hunter being attacked by bandits. Once the player saves the treasure hunter, he gives the player the first treasure map.

This is a random encounter and can happen at many different locations and times, both early and later in the game.

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Treasure – 1. In the east of the Cholla Springs, Rhodes Gold is situated which is indicated by a noose on the map.
Other rewards. Fame +50, Treasure Hunter Rank 2

Treasure-2. In the South Eastern corner of Rio Bravo at Del Lobo Rock the “Jackson’s Gold” is found.
Other rewards. Fame +50, Treasure Hunter Rank 3

Treasure 3. “Calhoun’s Gold” is situated in the mansion in Tumbleweed  basement.
Other rewards. Fame +50, Treasure Hunter Rank 4

Treasure 4. “Tubman’s Gold” is situated near the banks of San Luis river North West of Chuparosa next to the tree with skulls.
Other rewards:- Fame +50, Treasure Hunter Rank 5

Treasure 5. In Crooked Toes East of Escalera at the top of the pile of rocks indicated on your treasure map “Brown’s Gold” can be found.
Other Rewards.  Fame +50, Treasure Hunter Rank 6.

You will also unlock the ability to ride on any of the stagecoach for free. You will also  get 150 Fame points and a satchel that allows you to carry the x2 amount it currently holds.

Treasure 6. In Ojo Del Diablo south of Chuparosa on the far left side of the huge rock arch the Douglass’ Gold is found.
Other Rewards.  Fame +50, Treasure Hunter Rank 7

Treasure 7. Garrison’s Gold situated along the cliffside North of Agave Viejo. Follow the path.
Other rewards – Fame +50, Treasure Hunter Rank 8

Treasure 8.  At the large tree at Beechers Hope just at the East of your own ranch. The “Pickett’s Gold” is found.
Other Rewards. Fame +50, Treasure Hunter Rank 9

Treasure 9.  Stonewall’s Gold situated North of Manzanita above Tall Trees in a small cave. Follow the winding path that you can see on the map.
Other rewards. Fame +50, Treasure Hunter Rank 10

Red Dead Redemption Bounty Hunter Tips
The Bounty Hunter Missions are available after you complete the first mission i.e “Political Realities in Armadillo” given by Marshal Johnson.
The Bounty Hunter missions are indicated by a skull icon on your map.

This is a very easy way to boost up the weight of your pocket. You can either kill the victim or drag him to the court. The reward for keeping the victim alive and handing him over to the law is a lot more than just killing him.

Usually you are awarded double the value which is being given for killing. But be careful as most of the men who have bounties on their heads have very strong gangs which will fight for them.

You may kill the men of his gang but you cant kill the leader if you want to earn more money. The person who has the bounty on his head is shown by a red dot with a skull in the middle and his gang as plain red dots. You can use the mini-map to differentiate between them.

You can always go to the options and look for the legends if you forget how the icons look like.

Using your lasso and hog-tying the bounty is the easiest way to catch him but remember he will still be armed until you disarm him, so you will need to be very accurate with your lasso and move in quickly.

Capture him or disarm him first then start moving in with your rope. Call in your horse if you cant see him by pressing the up button on your d-pad which is for a whistle and put the bounty on the back of your horse.

Once you have caught him and he is on the back of your horse, you have to take him back to the law’s hand. But it wont be easy as the gangs men will be on your back. They will be shooting on you all the time which will make it more difficult as it is very hard to shoot while riding the horse yourself. So always save a Dead Eye attribute and use it in such situations.

Top Bounties
Sid Winkler – $200 DEAD, $400 ALIVE – Poster found in New Austin

Link Huston – $120 DEAD, $240 ALIVE – Poster found in New Austin, Armadillo.

Wade Basset – $160 DEAD, $240 ALIVE – Poster found in Rathskeller Fork

Julian Coronado – $120 DEAD, $240 ALIVE – Poster found in Escalera, Chuparosa, El Presidio.

Kent Gallway – $300 DEAD, $600 ALIVE – Poster found in Blackwater, Manzanita post.

These missions also help you to complete the 100% of the game as these are important and interesting side missions.

Red Dead Redemption – Sharpshooter Tips
As we all know that there is alot to be achieved in the Red Dead Redemption. You get alot of chances to practice your skills in the vast map provided by the free-roaming feature. Here are few tips which will help you increase your level from a rookie to a “Legendry SharpShooter”.

If you shoot your first animal the sharpshooter challenge will begin . You can always check your status by pausing the game and checking the “Challenges” tab.

For becoming a SharpShooter you will need to complete 10 levels. A Fame award for each level will be given to you.

  1. Kill 5 Rabbits
  2. Kill 5 Wild Rabbits
  3. Kill 5 coyotes without any wounds
  4. Kill birds while on  a moving train
  5. Kill two wild animals via one Dead Eye attribute
  6. At level 5, you unlock more ammo for all weapons.

  7. Shoot off the hats of two people
  8. Kill 3 Bears with one headshot for each only
  9. Shoot off the hats of two people and disarm them
  10. Kill 6 Animals without changing or reloading your weapon
  11. Disarm 6 enemies without changing or reloading your weapon

After the level 10 your Dead Eye Meter is quickly filled.

Use the Dead Eye attribute to slower the things down. Try buying the items which will refill your dead eye meter such as Snake oil and chewing tobacco from the stores. Shoot in between the eyes of the bear with a weapon of high damage for a one shot kill.

Red Dead Redemption. How to Lose Your Wanted Status

When you are wanted the law sends on enforcement to stop/kill you. So you better clean off your hands before something bad happens. Check out the three ways provided to stay one step ahead of the law.

  1. Bribe
  2. Surrender
  3. Leg It

You can bribe yourself out of it by approaching to the men after you if your gun is holstered and give him the half of the total bounty which is on your head. If you have achieved the Legend title” Buckaroo” then this will be more cheaper, the 25% of the bounty’s value.

Being in the holstered position you can go to the lawmen and surrender yourself. But they will end-up taking you in Jail. You will either need to pay up the bounty fee or do a Bounty Hunter mission so you can pay your bounty off.

Leg it
You can just keep running until the bounty is finished. But if the bounty is high then obviously more men will be after you. Don’t wear the bandanna when attempting to scarper as this only makes the meter run down more slowly.

You can see the meter on the bottom left screen. It will slowly lower down, it can be anything from 20 seconds to 50 seconds for your bounty to be completely removed depending on how high it is.

1.You can just pay your bounty on telegraph offices.
2.You can write Pardon Letters, found in chests in Gang Hideouts.

Both these ways will help you to get rid of your bounty.

Red Dead Redemption – How to Earn Lots Of Cash Fast!
To buy the best weapons, and the stud horses you need a lot of money. If you have a heavy pocket in the game then it will be a lot easier for you to play.
You can earn fast money easily by reading this guide.

Go to the area of Tall Trees, as there are a lot of bears for you to kill. You will need good weapons with full ammunition. The good thing is that the bears are also marked on the map so you can easily track them down and then sell their fur and skin for easy and fast money.

Go for a bird shooting challenge. It is difficult to find but once you do, you will be rich. Spend all your money on the wage and keep losing deliberately. Until you have the last amount which is required for the challenge. Now WIN this time, use your Dead Eye attribute and try the best you can.

Once you have won the challenge just kill the man who is betting with you. You can loot off all your lost cash and the one which you have won too.

The most difficult part is that it is very difficult to find these men who do bets as they are randomly spawned on the map.

Red Dead Redemption – Robbery Tips
Another quick way for earning good cash is robbing other people. If you specialize in it then there is nothing else you will need.Never try to rob someone in a crowded area as if you will shoot, everyone will get their revolvers and start shooting at you which will cause a lot of more trouble.

You’re more likely to be successful at a robbery if you get really close to the person who you want to fleece. Simply point your gun at their head, wait for the prompt to appear on screen and then press Triangle or Y to rob them.

Be prepared to shoot back too, sometimes the victims will start to shoot at you. So just kill them and loot their bodies off!

Be CAREFUL as for all the bad deeds you do, you will lose the honour points. So if that matters to you then don’t bother robbing people.

You can Rob more efficiently if you wear a bandanna across your head. You can buy it from the Tailor’s store in Thieves’ Landing or it is also available in the general store of Escalera.

Red Dead Redemption – Nightwatch Tips
The side activities are one of the major parts which make the game more interesting and fun to play. One of them is the Night watch duty. Which is also a great way to earn extra gold easily & quickly. The following guide will help you with where to find the night watch duties and how to be successful at it.

As the title “Night Watch” clearly indicates that you will  need to work when the light is gone. So obviously the night watch duty is available at night. After the mission “New Friends, Old Problem” you can start accepting the night watchman duties in Macfarlane’s Ranch,Blackwater and Chuparosa.

There is a Crescent icon on the map wherever the duty is available.You have to follow a guard dog in it. The dog will roam in the town until the animal founds something suspicious. So stay close to the dog at all times so you can hear him bark.

Once you are near the trouble, you will see an enemy dot on the mini-map. If you capture the enemy and hog-tie him before bringing him back to the law will get you honor points. You can never let your dog die; if you do the mission will unfortunately fail.

But not to worry you wont lose any of your honor points. Sometimes animals act as enemies too, so make sure you rip off their skin and meat once you kill them and sell it for extra money.

The Night watch man jobs are always available. So you can keep on doing them again and again which will help you get extra cash.

Red Dead Redemption Save Anywhere Trick
It is very boring once you need to ride miles to save your game. There are two easy ways through which you can save your game anywhere and anytime.

The easiest way is just go to the options and change your audio settings, apply them and your game will automatically save at that spot (Yes! That works!)

Or, you can also buy two horse heeds. Open the item menu and select the horse to summon. Changing the horses will also save your game. So be wise and don’t ride a thousand mile just to save your game.

Red Dead Redemption – How To Duel and Win
You see a blue and a red meter in the duel which is yours and your enemy’s health. The one with the most health in the end is the winner.

Don’t draw the weapon too quickly as it will result negatively.Only Draw when you hear “DRAW!” and pull the L2 button to draw your weapon. Now you will be in the Dead Eye mode.

Aim on your enemy’s body parts and press R1 so you can tag them. Once you have tagged the most you can press R2 so your bullets can fly.

During targeting watch the reticule flash between red and white and see how it gets bigger and smaller. If you want to be accurate then press R1 when the reticule is very small and white.If you want to win quickly than aim for the head or the armed hand.

Don’t hesitate and share your tips tricks and exploits you have found out in Red Dead Redemption. Meanwhile you can read our guide on how to level up fast in Red Dead Redemption, how to unlock Red Dead Redemption Secret Characters, and Red Dead Redemption Weapon Location Guide.

We've got a lot of guides and FAQs here, and you can thank Afnan for providing many of them. It's him who does the research and assembles our FAQs before we can publish them.

3 responses to “Red Dead Redemption Tips Tricks, Exploits and Workarounds”

  1. my biggest exploit i found was the thieves landing liars dice side quest for the cinema guy in armadillo he requests you get some deed for some land so he can film there and the only way to get the deed is to go and play liars dice in thieves landing.

    its 200 a game and should be fairly simple to work out how to play when you’ve got the hang of it its easy cash because 2 other players paying 200 as well you just continue playing until you have your desired money which is great early on when you can barely muster up enough to buy the horse deeds or many good weapons or maxing your ammo

    note: you can only get this glitch one time in the game on this side quest so don’t fail to take advantage of a quick 8k cash builder over the course of 1 an hour or so i suppose though the fact the game isnt very exciting compared to poker might be a draw back but its quicker than horse shoe where you win very little or the exploit about looting the dead body of a bird hunter because you have to find them first.

    to start the side quest go to the cinema in armadillo near the sheriffs jail there is a back room behind the cinema and yes it doesnt look like a cinema but a church then just head to the bar in theives landing with 400 cash to make sure you can play twice just incase the first time you fail the 2nd time you wont and youll understand the game and can take advantage of this early game exploit like i did when i completed jenny’s faith side quest looking for the priest to tell him that jenny was in the wilderness not having read the brief properly about the stranger task complete.

    (edit) forgot to say dont leave the game when you win because as soon as you turn off the game or leave the general area of the game table or manually save this glitch ceases to exsist but whilst your still there keep playing and they keep paying 200 each

  2. Greg says:

    On the topic of hunting tips, I have found a easy work around to skining animals without activating the video that depicts Marston actually skining the animal and splattering blood on the screen, as fun as that is after awhile it gets old. The work around, is to stop or stand your horse directly on top of the animal to be skinned then get the the horse. If done correctly, you will see the indiction in the bottom right hand of the screen to skin the the animal, do so and the subtext will then appear telling you what parts of the animal you have collected, then get back on you horse. The animal will still appear to have its’ skin but you will have acquired all the meat, pelt, teeth, horns, and antlers associated with the perspective animal. This might take a little practice but ounce you get it down, it saves you tons of time particular when you are hunting for cash to spend. This trick only seems to work with skining however. You still have to activate the video for picking flowers, looting, and opening chest, but those aren’t that often and quicker to watch.



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