How to Level Up Fast in Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer

Red Dead Redemption is very close to being a perfect game both singleplayer and multiplayer though one may argue that connectivity issues somehow have made its multiplayer experience worse for some but to those who haven’t had any problems have been enjoying all things wild west in its multiplayer as well.

The unique sharpshooting which is core to the RDR’s gameplay is one of the aspects that made the series popular.

The free-roaming core to Rockstar Games “GTA” is also one of the aspects to give it a try. Rockstar mostly known as the name behind insanely popular GTA series has put everything into this game to make it ALMOST perfect.

Red Dead Redemption Level Up Fast

Although no one would want to level up in Red Dead Redemption so fast, as it would only spoil the fun.

In case, you are one of those casual gamers who want to try everything in the game and have not enough time to go through all the trouble of leveling up slowly then you can follow this guide.

Method #1: Clearing Gang Hideouts

One of the easiest ways to level up fast in Red Dead Redemption is by going to gang hideouts and killing them all during online free roam. When reinforcements arrive, neutralize them and loot all the corpses.


After you have looted all the corpses, have money and ammunition, go out of the area and come back again as enemies in there would respawn after a while. You can repeat the process to level up fast in Red Dead Redemption.

The fastest one among this could be the Tesero Azul in Sothern Mexico. For this hideout just go on the roof of this hideout and start shooting.

It’s only about a 2-minute job which will get you about 1,500 XP. If you use expert aiming and not die it will add to the XP. After you a hang of this hideout it would become a piece of cake to level up.

The Pike Basin hideout can get you around 2,100-2,400 XP. Taking only 5 minutes this hideout can be one of if not the best way to level up fast.

If you have a solid plan going in it would be a walk in the park. Just memorize the location of the enemies and learn when to use the Dead Eye with Evans Repeater to get more marks.

Method #2: Play at Casual Settings

To change the game settings to casual, or rather to play with an auto-aim follow these simple steps:

  • Press “Start”.
  • Go to “Options”.
  • Go to “Config”.
  • Change “Multiplayer Targeting Mode” to “Casual”.
  • Go to “Armadillo” and then to “Twin Rocks” gang hideout.
  • Finish the Hideout and press Replay.

While you are at it, you can always get much more mileage in terms of rank leveling up if you do that in public matches, more players more XP.

Tips to Level Up Fast
Use Dead Eye as much as possible, when your character begins to reload, press the right stick to the Dead Eye, it will bypass the reload animation.

Get the Bolt Action Rifle, you get it at level 40 but you can also find it in gang hideout Tumbleweed.

Transport to Tumbleweed, clear church and the barn, and then the Bolt Action Rifle can be found in the center of town in the 2nd story of a small building there. Get a 22 kill count.

Do the hideout in public free roam to get more XP. Finish the hideout in under a minute.

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