Zombie Army 4 Puzzle Solutions Guide

In Zombie Army 4, there many collectibles that you can find while playing through the different missions. Some of them might require solving some puzzles and that is where our Zombie Army 4 Puzzle Solutions will help you.

Zombie Army 4 Puzzle Solutions

There are nine levels in Zombie Army 4, and each has four chapters except for the first and last levels which have three and one respectively. And there are different hidden items on each level, behind a locked safe usually.

The puzzles in Dead War are fairly simple and you will almost always have clues near a safe on how to solve the puzzle and open the safe.

Below are some of the puzzles you will encounter in Zombie Army 4 Dead War and how to solve them.

Gas Rats Puzzle
In the Let’s Get Out of Here safe room, there is a locked safe which has paintings of rats on the wall. There is also a message that reads ‘Gas Rats’.

In order to unlock the safe, you will need to hunt down and kill five rats in the War Machines chapter.

To find the first rat, exit the safe room and then look to the middle, on top of the missile. The first rat will be sitting on top of the missile.

To find the next rat, make your way through the door the Butcher breaks and go around to where the Upgrade Kit is. Look at the pipe on the left wall. The second rat is on the pipe.

The third rat will be found after you make your way through the deep water. Once you are out of it, head left where you will find a pile of pipes. The rat will be on these pipes.

To find the fourth rat, stand near the sealed door and look left of the door towards the machinery. Look for a red flashing light. The rat is hidden behind the machinery and is all the way back towards the wall.

The last rat will be outside the safe room near some crates. After all rats are killed, you will be able to access the safe. You will receive divine grenades and a divine attachment as reward.

The Shadows of Venice Lights Puzzle
This puzzle will take place during the Death Canal level on the ‘The Shadows of Venice Lights’  chapter.

You will face this puzzle at the end of the level just before you enter the safe room.

When you enter the puzzle room, there will be some writing on the wall on the left saying “Use your BRAINS BRAINS BRAINS BRAINS”. And on the right wall, there are three rows of hanging colored lights and the alphabet.

The locked safe is on the right hand corner. To open the safe, you will have to solve the puzzle. Shoot the lights on the right side corresponding to the word “Brains”.

So shoot the letter ‘B’ first from the top row, ‘R’ from the last row and so on. After you open the safe, you will find an artillery flare inside.

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