Zombie Army 4 Upgrade Kits Locations Guide

Like many shooter games, Zombie Army 4 Dead War has a number of collectibles which you will want to find in order to increase your shooting potential. One of those collectibles are upgrade kits and this guide will give you information about all the Zombie Army 4 Upgrade Kits Locations.

Zombie Army 4 Upgrade Kits Locations

You will want to upgrade your weapons and gear as you progress in Zombie Army 4 as the game increases in difficulty with each subsequent chapter.

This makes upgrading your guns a key part of surviving and being able to take on high-level content.

Upgrades can be done using the Upgrade Kits. In Dead War, you can get Upgrade Kits by:

  • Earning Gold Medals
  • Reaching Certain Ranks
  • Completing all Mission Challenges
  • Acquiring all Collectibles
  • Finding Upgrade Kits
  • Finishing Sticker Album Pages

Below are all the locations of Upgrade Kits you can find in Zombie Army 4 Dead War.

Kit#1: Locomotive Lockdown
To find this kit, head to the shooting range after exiting the saferoom. Talk to the resistance fighter who will give you a challenge.

Complete his challenge after which he will unlock another saferoom and safe, giving you the upgrade kit as a prize.

Kit#2: Locomotive Lockdown
To find this kit, go back upstairs and take a left to head to the Workshop. You will find the upgrade kit on the table in front of Edie.

Kit#3: Locomotive Lockdown
You will find this kit near the area where you encounter a large number of suiciders. There is a building near the entrance area.

Go to the second level with a red and white pinstripe awning. It is to the right of the “Binario 345” sign.

Climb up to the building to find the upgrade kit on a table in the back.

Kit#4: Off the Rails
You will find this kit after saving the resistance fighters. Go back upstairs towards the new objective. When you reach the objective point, there will be an earthquake.

After the earthquake tremor, the platform will split into two parts, one going right and one going left.

Go left and at the bottom of the stairs, turn right. The upgrade kit is at the end of the alley.

Kit#5: Carnivorous Canal Cruise
To get the upgrade kit in this area, go straight through the square. Cross the bridge and go right. Follow the path along the canal and turn left when you enter the next open area.

Here you will see a distraction device and a grey stone building to the left of it.

The upgrade kit is on the floor in the grey stone building.

Kit#6: The Shadows of Venice
As you start this level, turn right and cross the bridge. Go to the backside of the area where there will be a fence in front of you.

There will be two zombies on the other side of the fence. Turn left and enter into the back of the building. The upgrade kit will be on the stool.

Kit#7: Gates of Hell
To get this upgrade kit, release the charge on the first generator. After doing that, door on your left will open. Go through it and down the stairs and turn left at the bottom.

There is a small room on the left side with the upgrade kit inside.

Kit#8: The Hunter for Dr. Schweiger
Enter the area and go into the middle to the crates and old tank area. There will also be several railroad cars here. The upgrade kit is in one of the train cars.

Kit#9: Supernatural Superweapon
In this area, find the comic book. From the comic book, turn around and go straight back. At the end of the path, turn left into the hidden room.

The upgrade kit is in an interior room with light illuminating it from above.

Kit#10: Schweiger’s Revenge
After you enter this area, continue on the path near the sandbags. There will be a burning half-track in the open area. The upgrade kit is on a barrel under the overpass to your right.

Kit#11: Welcome to the Jungle
In this area, there is a bunker in the second enclosure. The upgrade kit is on the floor on the right side.

Kit#12: Don’t Tap the Glass
After exiting the room with the heroic action, you will find the upgrade kit infront on the right inside an open safe.

Kit#13: Compound Resistance
In the area, climb down towards the resistance compound. When you reach the bottom, go all the way to the right (past the tank). At the end, there’s a small house with a rooster weathervane. The upgrade Kit is inside on a bench near a stove.

Kit#14: Village of Darkness
After saving the resistance fighter, he will open a safe. You will get the upgrade kit as a reward inside the safe.

Kit#15: Village of Darkness
To find this kit, head to the safe house. To the right of the safe room is a two story house. Go to the second floor to get the upgrade Kit at the top of the stairs.

Kit#16: The Best Laid Plans
In the catacomb sewers, fight the buzzsaw zombie. After defeating him, continue toward the objective by going through the open doorway and left and the another left. The upgrade kit is on the left-hand side.

Kit#17: Hot on the Trail
Follow the objective path. Drop down to the docks and find the wooden stairs to the left. Turn left at the bottom and vault over the small stone wall. The upgrade Kit is on the other side to the left.

Kit#18: The Final Hell Tower
Make your way to the castle. After you reach the castle ramparts after clearing the enemies, go into the room where the giant armored giants came from. You will find the kit on the right corner side.

Kit#19: Reaching the War Room
Find the hut in this area. Directly behind the hut, there is an entryway and a small room. The upgrade kit is inside the gold box.

Kit#20: City of the Dead
In this area, you will have an object near the document. From the document, turn left and cross over to the other side of the rooftop area. The upgrade kit is right out in the open.

Kit#21: Hitler’s Welcome Party
To find this kit, exit the safe room and turn right. Go into the first entryway in front of you. It’s to the right of the car. The upgrade kit is inside the entryway on the left side.

Kit#22: Not in Kansas Anymore
Go down the drainpipe and reach the bottom of the building. You will reach a wooden door. Open it and turn right inside. The upgrade kit is next to a resistance soldier

Kit#23: War Machines
After killing the butcher and the horde sealing the gate, go past the gate and into the holding cells. Go to the back of the area, past the cell with the zombie, to get the upgrade Kit.

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