Zelda Skyward Sword Shops Guide

Find out what different shops are selling in Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword and the uses of these items with the help of our guide

Shops in Zelda Skyward Sword are places where you purchase general-purpose items, upgrade your equipment, and trade. You can find these shops in Skyloft, most of them in Bazaar. Our Skyward Sword Shops guide will help you with all these vendors so you have an idea of what items they have for sale.

If you don’t know which shop you need to go for a certain item or certain task, you will find that information in this guide. For more help on Skyward Sword, read our Walkthrough, Enemies Guide, and Gratitude Crystal Locations.

Skyward Swords Shops

Following are the merchants you can find in Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword.


Beedle’s Shop
You will find this Shop flying over Skyloft. Owned by Beedle’, it is marked on your map. When you want to do business with him, hit his bell with Beetle or Slingshot, and he will ask you.

Items For Sale

Life Medal (800)
Adds one heart to your life bar but it comes at the cost of an Adventure Pouch space.

Extra Wallet (100)
Enables you to carry another 300 Rupees

Bug Net (50)
Enables you to catch bugs

Adventure Pouch Upgrade (300, 600, 1200)
First, second, and third upgrade.

Bug Medal (1,000)
This medal shows bug locations on the map.

Piece of Heart (1600)
Get a piece of heart – get 4 to add one full heart to your health bar.


This is the marketplace with several shops serving different purpose. You can buy potions, upgrades, and more.

Items Shop
Place to buy general items.

  • Bombs
  • Arrows
  • Deku Seeds
  • Wooden Shield (50 Rupees)
  • Iron Shield (100 Rupees)
  • Small Seed Satchel (100 Rupees)

Potion Shop
Place to buy potions and infuse them with materials to create more powerful potions.

  • Heart Potion (20 Rupees)
  • Revitalizing Potion (30 Rupees)
  • Stamina Potion (50 Rupees)
  • Air Potion (20 Rupees)
  • Guardian Potion (200 Rupees)

Fortune Teller Shop
Can’t figure out what to do next ? or find the location of the next hidden secret ? Ask the fortune-teller. He will reveal the secret for a price.

Scrap Shop
Place to buy scrap to upgrade items and weapons. You will need to trade treasures from your collection for upgrade system.

Item Check
You can sell extra items or store your inventory to create some space in your Adventure Pouch. Once you have bought some space in the Item Check, your extra items that can’t go in the Adventure Pouch, will automatically appear in the Item Check in the Bazaar.

Gear Shop
You can purchase your gear at this shop – Most of the gear will appear after you have defeated a certain foe. You can purchase an Iron Shield at the Skyloft Bazaar Gear Shop for 100 Rupees once you’ve beaten the Skyview Temple.

  • Bombs (10 for 20 Rupees)
  • Arrows (10 for 20 Rupees)
  • Deku Seeds (10 for 20 Rupees)
  • Wooden Shield (50 Rupees)
  • Iron Shield (100 Rupees)
  • Sacred Shield (150 Rupees)
  • Small Seed Satchel (150 Rupees)
  • Small Quiver (150 Rupees)

Infusion Shop

This shop can be found next to the Potion Shop where you can infuse your potions to make better ones. Infusing potions increase the duration of their effects, however, you will need bugs to infuse your potions.

You can infuse various potions by using the following recipes.

Heart Potion – 3 Blessed Butterfly, 1 Woodland Rhino Beetle, 1 Volcanic Ladybug and 20 Rupees. (Restores all Hearts)

Guardian Potion – 1 Faron Grasshopper, 2 Eldin Roller, 3 Blessed Butterfly, 3 Starry Firefly and 40 Rupees. (Invincible for 3 minutes)

Stamina Potion – 3 Volcanic Ladybug, 2 Sky Stag Beetle, 2 Gerudo Dragonfly and 1 Faron Grasshopper. (Prevents stamina from reducing for 3 minutes)

Revitalizing Potion – 2 Woodland Rhino Beetle, 2 Skyloft Mantis, 3 Deku Hornet and 20 Rupees. (Repairs shield when broken and restores 8 hearts)

Revitalizing Potion ++ – 2 Woodland Rhino Beetle, 3 Lanayru Ant, 1 Gerudo Dragonfly and 1 Sand Cicada. (Can be used twice, same effects as Revitalizing Potion)

Air Potion – 2 Sky Stag Beetle, 2 Skyloft Mantis, 2 Lanayru Ant and 20 Rupees. (Prevents air from dropping for 3 minutes)

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