Zelda Skyward Sword Gossip Stones Locations Guide

Track down and interact with all the Gossip Stones in Zelda Skyward Sword with this locations guide to help you in finding them

These stones in Skyward Sword will either give you some good advice or give you a reward once you discover them. These Gossip stones can be found by using your Goddess’s Harp in the Blessed Butterfly swarms. Read on for our complete Zelda Skyward Sword Gossip Stones Locations guide to find all these gossip stones.

Simply strum a Goddess’s Harp in the middle of the butterflies and a Gossip Stone will appear. These stones may give you a hint, a reward or simply flee into the air if you attack them. Once the Gossip Stone explodes, it lights up in blue. There are still many things this Gossip Stone has in its possession such as; Releasing a fairy when link plays “Zelda’s Lullaby”, “Sun’s Song,” or “Song of Storms”.

Be sure to keep them away from the Megaton Hammer, as they can be crushed if hit by one.

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Skyward Sword Gossip Stones Locations

Eldin Volcano
Location. West of the Earth Temple’s entrance, it’s on a platform.

Faron Woods
Location. The path which goes to Faron Woods, outside the sealed grounds shrine.

Lake Floria
Location. Ancient Cistern, next to the entrance.

In the Sky

Location #1: Inside a cone on an island near Skyloft. Head to the southwest of Skyloft and you’ll find the island.

Location #2: Use your Clawshots, as they’ll lead you towards the east of the town on a waterfall surface on top of Skyloft.

Location #3: South from Bug Island, on a small-scaled island.

Location #4: On Bamboo Island, inside the thicket or tall shrubs.

Lanayru Desert Gossip Stones

You’ll find the Gossip Stone inside the Lanayru Caves. Obtain it before exiting to Lanayru Gorge.

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