Zelda: Link’s Awakening Trading Sequence, Quest Items, and Rewards Guide

Check out our guide to collecting all the items required for Trading Sequence in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch.

In Zelda: Link’s Awakening, one particular trading quest known as the Trading Sequence must be completed before you can fight the final boss and finish the main story. You need to find 14 items and hand them to several characters around Koholint Island. This Trading Sequence Guide will help you find every item.

Zelda: Link’s Awakening Trading Sequence

Below are all the items you need to collect for the Trading Sequence quest and how you can find each one of them.

Yoshi Doll
Head to the Trendy Game Shop that is located in the southeast corner of Mabe Village. The Yoshi Doll is inside a crane game and you can win it pretty easily since it doesn’t move. You need 10 Rupees to play the game.

Once you get the Yoshi Doll, head to the house that is northwest of the store and enter the large house located there.

Papahl’s Wife will tell you that she tried to win the Yoshi Doll from the crane game so that she could stop the kids from crying but she failed. She will offer you the Ribbon in exchange for the doll.

Dog Food
Once you’ve got the Ribbon, head to Madam MeowMeow’s House. There is a dog house that you can enter by using the right door. Give the ribbon to the Chain Chomp and you’ll get some Dog Food.

Head to Sale’s Banana shop in Toronbo Shores. You can get there by going northeast from where you got your sword on the beach. He’ll be more than happy to trade the Dog Food for a bunch of Bananas.

Go to Kiki the Monkey to trade the Bananas. You can find the monkey just east of Kanalet Castle’s front gate to find Kiki, the monkey.

Once you’ve given the Bananas, a monkey horde will build a bridge for you to get past the river on. You’ll find the Stick on the bridge.

You can collect the Honeycomb after you’ve finished the Key Cavern. Meet with Tarin by a tree in the Ukuku Prairie. He’ll take the Stick and use it to destroy a beehive. The fleeing bees will leave behind the Honeycomb for you to collect.

Go to Animal Village and visit a house on the very Southeast side. There’s a bear inside who is willing to trade the Pineapple for your Honeycomb.

Head to the Tal Tal Mountain Range. You’ll encounter a hungry Papahl whom you can give the Pineapple to. He’ll pay you back with the Hibiscus.

You need to head to the Animal Village and give the Hibiscus to Christine. She’ll then give you the Letter to deliver to Mr. Write.

Take the Letter to Mr. Write, who lives just west of Goponga Swamp. Since he’s pretty oblivious, he just rewards you with a Broom.

Fishing Hook
Visit Grandma Ulrira in the Animal Village. She needs a new Broom so it give it to her and she’ll reward you with the Fishing Hook.

Mermaid’s Necklace
There is a fisherman under the bridge at Martha’s Bay. If you give him the Hook, he will give you his next catch: the Necklace.

This final item is received by returning the Necklace to its owner, Martha the Mermaid. You’re allowed to pluck a Scale from her tail as a reward.

Place the scale in The Mourning Mermaid statue to open up a secret entrance that leads to a cave. You’ll find the Lens inside. You can use it to read “Dark Secrets and Mysteries of Koholint” which can be found in the Mabe Village library.

This book points you to the location of the Wind Fish’s Egg. You can use the Lens to look at the Goriya in a cave on Toronbo Shores. The Goriya is willing to give you the boomerang in exchange for any item.