Zelda: Link’s Awakening Nightmare Boss Guide – Defeating the Final Boss, Boss Tips

The Nightmare boss in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening can be quite a challenge but this guide will help you finish the game on Nintendo Switch.

At the end Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening brings you to face the toughest boss you faced so far, Nightmare. His real name is Shadow Nightmares and can take on six different forms or Shadows. These forms resemble the bosses faced earlier on in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. We would be explaining about each form and how should Link fight them in this guide.

Zelda: Link’s Awakening Nightmare Boss

When you reach the end of the maze in Wind Fish’s Egg, Link drops down an enormous black hole.

Here he comes across an entity that informs Link that if he were to overcome this boss Koholint Island would disappear forever! Now we head into the main fight!

Giant Zol – Form 1
This guy is also known as the Giant Gel. He would be jumping around the room and may seem impossible to defeat as even striking it with your sword would just make it appear somewhere else in the room.

He would approach Link thrice before reappearing. You have to be patient and wait until he is stationary, when Giant Zol spawns first, or when he has finished jumping at Link thrice.

When that happens, use magic powder on him. This is the only effective strategy here and you have to repeat it thrice, to defeat the first form.


Agahinm’s Shadow – Form 2
This fight would require you to use your sword. Nightmare would transform into a shadowy version of Agahinm. He would charge and fire energy balls at you. Swing your sword to deflect his attacks back at him.

Time your swings perfectly. He might also try throwing other objects, here dodge or else you would suffer damage. Same goes for the Blue orb as you cannot deflect that either. This needs to be accomplished four times.

Moldorm – Form 3
This form can get a bit tricky. You have to go after his tail and attack, just like the boss from Tail Cave. However, this time around you need to attack faster. Use your shield to protect yourself from his ever-increasingly quick attacks as you hit his tail more.

Shadow of Ganon – Form 4
Ganon is not a form you would want to ease up on as he can deal heavy damage. The strategy here is to be proactive and hit him first and fast when he is forming. However, then the boss attacks with a flurry of Blazing Bats followed by a trident.

Try to dodge the bats and turn around, the trident would be in the air for five seconds, this is the time when you dodge it with a jump, preferably. This is the opportunity to attack, go all out with Link’s sword.

You need to be on your toes as you want to deal more damage than be dealt. Link would take damage when he attacks, thus time them properly. After landing about five hits you would be able to make it through.

Lanmola – Form 5
Maintain the momentum you built up fighting the last form as you would need it here. Although not hard to beat, if you let Lanmola chase you, Link would be dealt heavy damage. Be proactive again and attack as it is being formed.

If it still lives attack with a Hookshot perfectly timed on to his head. This one-shot would completely eliminate him. Sword attacks are of no use here as only Boomerang or Magic rod might work here in addition to Hookshot. Only five hits would be needed to defeat it.

Dethl – Final Form
The only new form of Nightmare in Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, it consists of a large pulsating mass with a single, usually closed wye from which extends two shadowy, spiked arms with outwardly extended tips.

Jump over these moving arms but try to stay below him. When occasionally Dethl opens his eye, attack with your arrow ASAP as it would not be open for long. Dethl would keep on getting faster as your attacks keep on connecting.

We would recommend keeping either heart containers or potions or both, but if you do not have either, good luck!

After this, your adventure would come to a close. It has been one hell of a ride and you would be lead to a cutscene.