Zelda: Link’s Awakening Gold Leaves Locations Guide – Finding the Slime Key

This Zelda: Link’s Awakening Guide includes the location to all five Gold Leaves you need to find in order to get the Slime Key and access the dungeon.

Once you’re done with the Trading Sequence quest, in Zelda: Link’s Awakening, you can finally reach Kanalet Castle. The Key Dungeon is the third dungeon chronologically that you’ll explore in the game. You need the Slime Key to enter it but to get that: you’re tasked by Richard to find 5 Gold Leaves in the castle.

Zelda: Link’s Awakening Gold Leaf

This Gold Leaves Locations Guide will state the location of all the gold leaves in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening.

Gold Leaf #1
Head right from the stairs and then go south to the area with a bomber leaping out of holes in the ground to attack you. Take out the Bomber to get the first gold Gold Leaf.

Gold Leaf #2
Go back to the same stairs and continue west. You’ll come across a tree with a bird sitting inside. Agitate the little winged fellow by throwing a rock at it and then kill it and you’ll obtain the second Gold Leaf.

Gold Leaf #3
Head south and go in the door to the castle. Make your way west, then kill all three enemies that you find there. Killing them causes a gold Gold Leaf to fall from the ceiling.

Gold Leaf #4
You need to open the outside gates so go up the hallway with the button at the end of it. Stand on the button to get the gates open and then go upstairs to a room that has a lightning foe inside.

You can make your way outside by going through a door in the middle and breaking the entrance with a pot.

You’ll have to fight the Giant Knight to get the Gold Leaf so focus on shielding yourself and doing many attacks when his shield is down. Once he’s down, you’ll get the Gold Leaf.

Gold Leaf #5
You can find a bomb by heading out of the previously mentioned room and destroying all the pots. Use the lightning foe room to head downstairs and then place the bomb to destroy two breakable chunks of wall.

An enemy will pop out but you can easily handle that and once that’s all done with; you’ve got yourself your last Gold Leaf.

Bring all of them back to Richard in Ukulu Prairie along with a shovel. You’ll obtain the Slime Key this way and can now explore the dungeon.