11 Hidden Zelda: Breath of the Wild Secret Locations To Find Before Finishing The Game

Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild is a massive game and chances are that you have not even scratched the surface even after defeating Ganon.

Here we will be listing 11 Zelda: Breath of the Wild Secret Locations that are a must find for you before you finish the game. Before we begin a SPOILER ALERT is in order.

#11 – Eventide Island
Eventide Island is a small piece of land. As you reach this island you will be stripped of all your equipment by the Guardian, who will then challenge you to place three orbs in different locations to reveal the shrine and regain your gear.

#10 – Buy A House
Yes, you can buy a house in Legend Of The Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. In Hateno Village you will notice a lone cottage being worked on. You can buy this cottage for 3000 rubies and 30 pieces of wood. You will also be able to customize the house.

#9 – Kilton The Merchant
You will hear about Kilton from quite a lot NPCs in Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. To find this merchant you will have to travel to the skull shaped lake. After your first encounter, you will find Kilton at random. He sets up his shop only at night at Hateno Village, Gerudo Town, Zoras Domain and Lurelin village.

Keep and eye out for a signpost, this merchant has a range of monster masks that will let you blend in with a particular species and the darkling costume that unlocks after defeating all four divine beasts.

#8 – Guardian Tricks
The Guardians in Zelda: Breath Of the Wild offer some intense challenge to players, however, there are some tricks that can make them less of a hassle. If your timing is right, you can deflect you can deflect their shots back at them with a perfect parry. Dispose of their legs with your best weapon if you don’t want them to chase you down.

#7 – Akkala Ancient Tech Lab
There is another tech lab in Zelda: Breath Of the Wild other than the one in Hateno village and cane be found at the Northeast of Deep Akkala.

This Lab specializes in crafting ancient weapons from the materials gathered from numerous cores, screws and other bits acquired from Guardians.

#6 – Thyphlo Ruins
Just North of the Korok Forest, there is an area completely submerged in darkness. Torches and bird shaped braziers will help you find your way. Flame swords, fire arrows, and bombs will be of the most use to you. At the end of this area, there is Sheikha Orb to access the shrine.

#5 – The Forgotten Temple
South of the Tabantha Tundra is the Forgotten Temple. Here is a nest of Guardians that will shoot you to the oblivion if you are not careful and you are in for a bad time if you don’t have your guardian shield.

#4 – Lomei Labyrynths
Areas of Hebra, Akkala, and Gerudo each contain a maze that will challenge you to find the entrance of the shrines hidden within them.Complete each maze and you will be rewarded with a piece of the Barbarian armor set.

#3 – Tingel Islands
It comes as no surprise that these islands are named after the fairy lover Tingle and his brothers. You will find this island off the eastern coast of Lanayru. You will find a set of islands named after Tingle and his brothers.

#2 – The Lost Woods
Right above the Hyrule Castle, you will find the lost woods, you will have to make your way through the fog and at the end of it, you will find the master sword.

#1 – Goddess Dragon
There are three of these in total based on the Triforce Goddesses. These can be found in the regions of Lanayru, Eldon, and Faron.

These are the 11 secret locations i Zelda: Breath Of the Wild that are must find before you end the game.

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