Zelda: Breath of the Wild Dark Link Guide

This Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Dark Link guide will help players in finding the armor to bring back the iconic Dark Link look from Ocarina of Time.

Fans can get their hands on the Dark Link costume in the game as a callback to the armor from Ocarina of Time. The Dark Link outfit was a fan favorite and it is good to see it making a return in the latest game.

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Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Dark Link Costume

To start their journey towards acquiring the Dark Link set, players need to do a quest titled A Shady Customer.

The quest can be acquired from East Akkala Stable. The quest is given by an NPC named Kilton who appears in the Skull Lake.

Once players finish the quest, Kilton starts appearing outside major towns at night time.

He will be selling the Dark Link set but unfortunately, Kilton doesn’t accept the normal currency as payment. Instead, players will need to pay him in Mons.

Mons are a special currency that can be acquired by trading monster parts with Kilton.

If players are up to the grind, they can start farming these monster parts by killing the various enemies that terrorize the world of Hyrule. One such enemy are the Lynels and they drop a huge amount of monster parts but are pretty difficult to kill.

Once players have enough Mon after trading, they can purchase the full Dark Link set for 4,000.

Individual pieces can also be bought if players are only interested in the looks of that particular piece. The hood costs 2,000 Mons, Tunic and Trousers cost 1,000 each.

The Dark Link Costume will also grant players special buffs including the ability to move faster at night thereby increasing stealth.

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