Yakuza 6 Baseball Players Guide – All Potential Baseball Team Players, Locations, How To Recruit

With the help of our Yakuza 6 Baseball Players Guide, you will be able to find and recruit all potential members of your All-star Baseball Team in the game.

Our Yakuza 6 Baseball Players Guide is for recruiting and forming your very own baseball team in the game.

To win matches, you need to have the best of the best in town. Luckily, for you, we have compiled a list of all potential Yakuza 6 Baseball Players that could join your team and lead you to the ultimate glory.

Yakuza 6 Baseball Players

There are a total of 12 players you can recruit for your All-star Baseball Team.

The potential members are found around the world of Yakuza 6 and it is upon you to find and convince them to join you. Do note that members are only recruited after you have completed Substory #35 titled We Need a Ringer.

Since all the members below can be interacted with only during Yakuza 6 Substories, we advise you to head to our Substories Guide if you are facing any issues with a particular Substory.

Below are names and locations of players you can recruit for your Baseball All-star Team.

Potential Baseball Player How To Recruit / Where to Find
Moritsuka This will be your first recruit since he will automatically become a member of your team during the events of ‘We Need a Ringer’ Substory.
Yoshida Yoshida runs his own batting center known as; you guessed it, Yoshida Batting Center. You can convince him to join your team during the Substory #19 ‘Step Up to the Plate’
Gori-san This guy is also found in Yoshida Batting Center during Substory #20: A Promise Between Men
Hatakeyama After you have completed Substory #41: titled ‘What’s The Matter with Kids Today?’ head to New Gaudi. Talk to him at the front counter.
Kase After completing Substory #25: The Fools Who Dream, you will eventually come across a cool kid in the shopping arcade. He is in a grey attire, approach him and talk to him for joining your baseball team.
Genie Firstly, you will need to acquire a Sushi Set from any of the convenience stores in Kamurocho. After that, head to E Shishido Street where you will find Genie by a taxi stand. Approach him.
Kuramoto He will be standing in front of Yonetoku. He will join you only if you offer him Sake.
Maetani This one is a little more demanding. Found near Ryunan Shrine beside the well, he will require 1 million Yen as his sigh up fee. Offer that much, if you can, to recruit him for your team.
Akiyoshi After completing Substory #42: Powerful Memories, talk to Akiyoshi inside the New Gaudi. He will be at the front counter.
Kawamura You should be having the RIZAP ‘Muscle’ protein supplement on you before you approach Kawamura. He will be roaming around North Hana No Kubo.
Kenji Gorchov Just complete the fishing Substory #48: World’s Best Octopus to recruit him.
Gen-san During Substory #43: Tech Support, you will talk to this guy but this is not when the talk about baseball springs up. That happens when you complete the mission, and return to him after some time. Only then, you can engage in a conversation about him joining the baseball team.

This is all we have in our Yakuza 6 Baseball Players Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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