Yakuza 6 Substories Guide

Our Yakuza 6 Substories Guide is for finding the side missions or substories in Yakuza 6 and how to successfully complete them. In our Yakuza 6 Guide.

Our Yakuza 6 Substories Guide is for finding the Side Missions or Substories in Yakuza 6 and how to successfully complete them. Below, you will find locations for these substories including Side Activities along with the Dialogue Options you need to choose for completing the mission.

Yakuza 6 Substories

Yakuza 6 is so massive that if you stray from the main storyline path a little, you will not return to it.

Since there a number of Side Quests which you can carry out, it sometimes can be a bit of a drag to spend so much time on every single one.

In order to activate a mission and take part in its activities you just have to go to the location of the mission and interact with the right NPC.

Our Yakuza 6 Substories Guide will help you complete substories as easily and quickly as possible. In total, there are 51 Substories which you can complete..

Chapter 1
#3 – Haruka’s Biggest Fan
For this mission, go to Children’s Park and talk to a little child here. Inquire about Haruka merchandise from Don Quijote.

After this, head to Club Sega in Theater Square to talk to three fans on the first floor and one on the second floor. Answer his quiz by choosing the ‘KONNAN’ dialogue option. After this, you can purchase Haruka’s picture from Ebisuya for ¥50,000. If you do not get this in time, someone else will.

However, do not worry; you can rescue them from a threatening attack to get the picture for free! Go back to the park and give the little girl this photo. After a while, head to the park again to receive a photograph of that same girl.

#5 – I, Hiji
The location for this quest is near Cafe Alps. Talking to the man across from this cafe, on the sidewalk, will allow you to install Hiji on your mobile phone. Go to Children’s Park to talk with Hiji and beat the drunk guy after you have left the park. Complete the mission by returning to the same man who installed Hiji on your cell.

#21 – Welcome to the Cat Cafe
You need to head to the third floor of a building on Senryo Avenue where you will find the Cat Cafe Nyannyan. Simply talk to the manager of the cafe. He will Task #you with feeding cats which you encounter periodically.

#22 – Live Chat
The location is the street corner southwest of Theater Square. You will encounter a couple arguing. Talk to the man and then interact with him at the Net Cafe Mentai. This is located on the second floor of the building south of Theater Square. Take part in a live chat there. Follow along!

#23 – We’re Committed to Results
Head to the west of Theater Square to meet the trainer at RIZAP. Agree to a training session after which the trainer will recommend you a diet/meal to have. Carry this out, and then return to the trainer to complete the quest!

#24 – A Man Rises Up
After complete the Mission #23 above, you will need to head to RIZAP, outside where you will face Sodachi Yasuo. After having unlocked Trouble Missions in Chapter 2, find Sodachi Yasuo roaming around Kamurocho.

Fight him. Fight him again twice this time, by completing the trouble missions associated with him. Finally, beat him down in Children’s Park.

Chapter 4
#25 – The Fools Who Dream
Head to Ryunan Shrine to come across a conversation after which talk to the teenage girl. Choose the top dialogue option twice. Leave the area and return to it shortly to fight five punks. Talk to Misa near Kiryu’s house and choose the top dialogue option.

#26 – Sins of the Father
Go to Ninozaka and choose the top dialogue option twice when you see an elderly couple in a conversation. Then nearby, you will find a girl distributing flyers, talk to her and choose the bottom option. Successfully complete the quiz by choosing options in the order 3,1,2,2. Finally, fight Munancho Akamatsu.

#28 – Onomichi’s Curse
Go to the graveyard at night and deal with the ghost. Leave the area and return to fight the ghost again. Repeat this cycle 4 times. The fights are unlocked as you progress through the game. Last fight will make you return to your apartment. You need to head to the cemetery again.

#29 Be Our Mascot
Head to Nagi Pharmacy and examine the mascot head. Choose the first dialogue option. Answer the quiz in the order 2, 2, 2, 3, 1 and prepare to fight against the thugs.

#32 Time Travelling Girl
You need to meet a girl on Ninozaka Lane in Onomichi. Leave the area and find her again on an overpass and agree to what she says. Engage in a fight then.

#33 – A Freaky Situation
Over at Ryunan Shrine, talk to the young man of a couple and then fight against a group of enemies.

#34 – Assemble the Team
During daytime, talk to a man wearing a baseball kit on Shishi Street. Take a taxi to the baseball field and take part in a match you cannot win no matter how hard you try.

#50 – Crisis Management Professional
You need to interact with a person with sunglasses on Ropeway Station. He will demand a Tonkatsu Bento which can be purchased from a shop opposite of Battling Center. Complete the trouble missions or heat missions associated with Saigo and defeat him on the Ropeway station.

Chapter 5
#27 – Pocket Circuit Fighter Returns
Head to the main road, the shopping street, and to the tofu shop north of it. Then talk to the Pocket Circuit Fighter who is in a ridiculous outfit.

Talk to Sakito who is found near La Pente in norther Onomichi. Leave and return to talk to Sakito again and find him later near the ferry platform. Fight against thugs for completion of the mission.

#30 – The Ono Michio Show
After completing mission 29 and 40, talk to Hironaka near the square in the eastern part of the town. Agree to help after which you will have to sing in a karaoke session.

#31 – Inspire Bravery
Complete the above mission and head to Kiryu’s apartment and talk to the daughter there. After doing so, speak with Hironaka at Kometoku and select the top dialogue choice. Prepare for some action.

#40 – Becoming an Adult
Complete Task #35 ‘Find Teammates’ and then talk to Hatakeyama in front of Snack Gaudi. He is in a restaurant.

Chapter 6
#1 – Kiryu’s Kabedon
Near Tenkaichi Street, you will find a man dressed in red. Win the fight against him and talk to Takayama in Bantam. Choose the first or third option, leave the area and come back to fight him.

#2 – It’s Me
In the parking lot near Nakamichi Street, answer with 3, 2, 2 options on the phone call. Talk to Ishigaki in front of Millennium Tower. Fight and defeat the opponents.

#6 – Views Mean Everything
At Theater Square, find a guy holding a selfie stick and talk to him. Meet him subsequently in Yoshida Batting Center, Smile Burger, and Mahjong Lullabye. Defeat him in the fight.

#7 – Follow the Drone
Listen to the two men on Nakamichi Street and then talk to the couple on the ground nearby. Avoid the attacking drone and follow (if you lose it will appear near Theater Square). Engage in a fight.

#8 – Baring their Fangs
Talk to the man in purple who is on his knees. Find a man in yellow on Batting Center, fight him, and chase him on Shichifuku Street.

#9 – A Rival Reborn
On Tenkaichi Street, talk to the man dressed in yellow in Batting Center and defeat him.

#10 – An Attractive Proposition
After the fight in Theater square in Chapter #6, head out to Shichifuku Street at night to receive a selfie. You will receive another one near Smiling Burger. The last one is received at the vending machines south of Club Sega in Theater Square. Go to the roof of New Serena/Serey and fight off the baddies.

#11 – Favor for an Old Friend
After having fought Han Jungi in story missions, you will receive a text message at Shichifuku Street.

Talk to the employee at the Tenkaichi Street POPPO and purchase prepaid cards for ¥50,000. Choose the bottom option three times. Go to the roof of the building off Senryo Avenue. Emerge victorious in the fight.

Chapter 7
#4 – Cleaning Robot Gone Wild
After observing the event on Suppon Street. Talk to the man and agree to his suggestion. Go to Tenkaichi Street and follow the robot. Win the fight!

#35 – We Need A Ringer (Baseball)
At daytime, after completing Task #34, hail a cab and drive to the field and win the match.

#36 – Sweet Taste of Victory (Baseball)
At daytime, after completing Task #35. Play the match and win.

#37 – Thunders Showdown (Baseball)
At daytime, after completing Task #36. Play the match and win.

#38 – Strongest in Onomichi (Baseball)
At daytime, after completing Task #37. Play the match and win.

#39 – Bonds (Baseball)
At daytime, after completing Task #35. Play the match and win. All of the above activities take place on the Baseball Field, obviously!

#14 – Confrontation (Flirt)
At Millennium Tower, max out the relationship with Saki by fighting the opponent and winning the fight.

#15 – Suspicious Debut (Flirt)
Max out relationship with Hikaru at Millennium Tower. Win the fight you take part in.

#16 – Express your Feelings (Flirt)
At Theater Square, max relationship with Sora.

#17 – Little Devil’s Crises (Flirt)
Reach max relationship status with Erina and win the fight.

#18 – Conscientious Health (Flirt)
Reach max relationship status with Riona and win the fight.

#19 – Step up for the Plate (Batting)
Win the fight with Han Jungi in Chapter #6 and complete Task #35 as the pre-requisites. Play the challenge course three times. You need to gain 5 Home Runs in a row.

#20 – A Promise Between Men (Batting)
After completing Task #35, play the Home Run Course at the batting center three times. Talk to Gori and agree to compete against him. To win, hit at least seven home runs.

All the batting activities take place at Yoshida Batting Center

#41 – Children Don’t know their Parents’ Hearts (Snack Bars)
You require at least Friendship level 3 with Hatakeyama as well as Friendship level 1 with Gen. Meet Hatakeyama in front of Snack Gaudi. Play the conversation minigame in Snack Gaudi, and then go to La Pente.

#42 – Remembering those Days (Snack Bar)
Required Friendship Level 3 with Akiyoshi, meet him in front of Snack Gaudi. Play conversation minigame in Snack Gaudi. Find Akiyoshi on Route 2. Speak with Akiyoshi at the pedestrian bridge. For conversation:

#43 – Technophobe (Snack Bar)
Required Friendship Level 3 with Gen. Meet him in front of Snack Gaudi. Play conversation minigame in Snack Gaudi. Leave the area to receive a text from Gen. Talk to Gen in front of Snack Gaudi.

#44 – The Value of a Ring (Snack Bar)
Required Friendship Level 3 with Ando. Meet him in front of Snack Gaudi. Play conversation minigame in Snack Gaudi. Engage in the fight, and then talk to Ando at the ferry platform.

#45 – Retirement (Snack Bar)
Required Friendship Level 3 with Kaneko. Meet him in front of Snack Gaudi. Agree to begin conversation minigame in Snack Gaudi. Talk to Kaneko on a bench at the shrine.

#46 – Thanks for Everything, Owner (Snack Bar)
Required Friendship Level 5 with all customers as well as Friendship Level 3 with the owner of the Snack Bar.

Talk with the woman who is handing out pamphlets in front of Kometoku. Put the note under the electric kettle. Meet the owner of the ferry platform. Do not worry if he does not appear right away. Play conversation minigame in Snack Gaudi. Talk with the owner at Snack Gaudi.

#47 – Those Who Live With the Sea (Fishing)
You need to have completed Chapter 4 for this activity. During, daytime talk to the fisherman examining a tuna by the ferry platform. Leave the area and approach him again for another event. Talk to him to agree to a beginner stage of a fishing minigame.

#48 – The Most Delicious Octopus in the World (Fishing)
During daytime, approach the man at the fishing terminal again to play the intermediate stage of the fishing mini-game. Defeat the boss of this stage, the Delicious Octopus.

#49 – Precious Place (Fishing)
After complete Task #48, during the daytime, play the final advanced stage of the fishing minigame and defeat the ultimate boss, Bloody Shark.

#12 – The Legend of Paul Lim (Darts)
After having fought Han Jungi in Chapter 6 of the story, you need to find a man in Bantam. Play with him, the rules and results do not matter.

#13 – The Legend of Paul Lim Part II (Darts)
After completing Task#13 as well as defeating weak, medium and strong opponents in darts matches, you unlock this mission. Talk to the legendary Paul Lim by the dartboard in Bantam. Agree to the challenge. You do not need to win the match.

#51 – Jo Amon (Hidden Boss)
This mission will be unlocked after completing task #24 and 50 and have at least 200 points in each character statistics. You will receive a phone call from Amon for an invitation to the fight. This is the toughest fight of the game so make sure to pile up the meds and then block and dodge the attacks during fight.

This is all we have in our Yakuza 6 Substories Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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